Varied programming for all audiences at the Isagoge and the Festa Major

Varied programming for all audiences at the Isagoge and the Festa Major

The chief paer, Jan Pomés; the Councilor of Culture, Ramon Augé; the Councilor of Festes, Carolina Garcia, and the representative of the Seny Major Group, Ramon Gene, have presented the programs of the 47th Isagoge cultural week and the Festa Major de Cervera.

The Isagoge cultural week is dedicated this year to the figures of Francesc Vicent García, popularly known as Rector of Vallfogona, and Josep Vallverdú. L’any 2023 are commemorated 400 years of the Rector's death (Zaragoza, 1579 – Vallfogona de Riucorb, 1623) and the centenary of the birth of the writer Josep Vallverdú (Lleida, 1923).

According to the Councilor for Culture, Ramon Augé, la Isagoge "will pay tribute to two key figures in the history of Catalonia, both with ties to the historic Segarra, territory of which Cervera claims to be the capital".
Ramon Augé emphasized that "the program presents two types of activities: the most literary ones and those aimed at family audiences".

Isagoge will offer, of the 15 al 22 September, more 20 activities organized by the Department of Culture and other cultural organizations and entities in the city.
The Major Festival, which will be held on 22 al 25 September, will offer a fun program, with 30 activities, for all audiences.

The chief paer, Jan Pomés, has affirmed that "we want to recover the solemnity and elegance of the Festa Major".
Jan Pomés has emphasized that the act of proclamation has been redesigned "to reevaluate it". the proclamation, which has been separated from the tribute act to a local entity, it will be pronounced from the balcony of La Paeria.
He has announced that the announcer will be the journalist from Cervera, Dolors Elías, who has informed him that "he has received this honor with great pleasure".
The honored entity is the Cervera Football School, who will receive the recognition on Friday 15, in an event in the Plenary Hall open to the public.

According to the Councilor for Festivities, Carolina Garcia, this year's herald, Dolors Elias, she is very committed to human and animal rights, environmentalism and feminism, values ​​we share from the Paeria de Cervera".

Carolina García has presented the Festa Major program, which presents as a novelty an audition of sardanas, with the Main Couplet of the Bisbal, in the Plaza Mayor after the proclamation, and a habanera recital, with Bernat Horse, Sunday, also in the main square.

The multipurpose pavilion will be the setting for the Festa dels 80 i 90, Friday; of the Talk of Me in Present concerts, rumba creat techno group to berlin, i d'A Kontra Corrent, group that combines ska, punk, reggae i rock, on Saturday; and concert and dance with the prestigious Costa Brava orchestra, Monday.

Monday is once again dedicated to the Small Festa Major, with popular culture activities starring the children of Cervera and Fadunito's "OFF" show.

Finally, Ramon Gene, on behalf of the Seny Major entity, has wanted to "enhance popular and traditional culture and all the local entities that make it possible within the Festa Major programming".

Programa de la 47a Isagoge.
Festa Major Program 2023.

Cervera will commemorate the Day with several events at the Generalitat Monument

Cervera will commemorate the Day with several events at the Generalitat Monument

The Paeria de Cervera and the Regional Council of Segarra organize, Procession of the Pure in Cervera, the commemorative events of the National Day of Catalonia, Monday 11 September, which this year as a novelty will be held in the afternoon and will include, in addition to the traditional floral offering, musical and sardonic interpretations.

The Aquelarre dodges the rain and some 30.000 people enjoy one hell of a night

The Aquelarre dodges the rain and some 30.000 people enjoy one hell of a night

The rain has stopped, finally, the Saturday night of Aquelarre and others 30.000 people have enjoyed a hellish evening in the streets and squares of Cervera.

The lighting in Plaça de la Universitat at 11 of the night was the start of a memorable night in which some were burned 350 kilos of pyrotechnic material in front of an enthusiastic audience and surrendered to the magic of the 45th edition of a party that was spectacular. The council of Aquelarre de la Paeria de Cervera makes a positive assessment of the party that has overcome the threat of rain and has revalidated its power of convening. in parallel·lel, the firecrackers of the Ball of Devils in Cervera Carranquers and the Ball of Devils in Ràpita have caused the streets of the historic center of the capital of La Segarra to explode with fire and gunpowder.

The rain has long passed the capital of La Cervera and the central show of the party, which has recreated the hell of the literary classic The Divine Comedy has been an explosion of fire, powder and light on the Cal Racó stage. The culminating moment came early in the morning with the great run of the Mascle Cabró that drove Cervera crazy. more 200 people have participated in a show that has had at the head of the artistic direction the brewer Pol Bosch and all the work of the Alea Teatre company.

The Aquelarret

One of the other important moments of this Saturday's party was the Aquelarret parade, which also avoided the rain and had the participation of close to 200 children as part of a route that also left the Plaça de la Universitat. The Cervera Carranquers Devil Ball Children's Group has shared the spotlight with the guest groups of the Ràpita Children's Devil Ball and the Petit Ferafoc de Sant Quintí de Mediona.

More fair

The party will continue this afternoon with the offering of esotericism and tarot as part of the Gran Boc Fair, which can be visited in the interior of the University, on Rambla Lluís Santpere and Plaça Universitat. Twenty food trucks offer all kinds of gastronomic attractions.

Information provided by the Press Service of the Aquelarre de Cervera 2023.
Cervera, ready to experience an intense Aquelarre weekend

Cervera, ready to experience an intense Aquelarre weekend

Of the 25 al 27 in August Cervera will celebrate the Aquelarre, which will fill the streets of the historic center with fire and witchcraft. the contest, one of the must-see events in Catalonia's festive calendar, will burn more than 350 kilos of gunpowder and will experience the peak moment on Saturday night with the show around the figure of the Male Goat.

Aquelarre music poster 2023

Aquelarre music poster 2023

Music is one of the attractions of the Aquelarre festival, that is celebrated from 25 al 27 d'agost. This year's musical lineup is headlined by Salseta del Poble Sec, which returns to Cervera after seven years of absence.

The music will go beyond this performance and the Aquelarre programs a powerful and attractive offer of concerts, and numerous DJ sessions that you can consult on the poster.

You will find all the information about the party at

All ready for a new edition of the Cervera Emili Pujol Chair

All ready for a new edition of the Cervera Emili Pujol Chair

Cervera is already starting to prepare to host, of the 16 al 23 July, the 42nd edition of the Emili Pujol Chair, an event that this summer will once again put the city at the epicenter of the world of classical music in the country and throughout southern Europe.

During these dates a Music Course will come together in Cervera with more than 160 of students from all over the world; an International Festival with several chamber and orchestral concerts; as well as the fair competition dedicated to the most important luthier world at European level.

He Music course exceeds the 160 students and recovers those of international origin

One of the major axes of the Chair, the Music Course, certifies his good state of health by passing the 160 students. Besides, incoming students clearly recover, also from different parts of Catalonia, of the Spanish State and also those of international origin. In this way, The Course will welcome students from countries such as France, Norway, Albania, Andorra, Egypt and Hungary.

This year there will be violin lessons, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, piano, flute, The cycle will be inaugurated by the OJC Trio of Reeds - formed by Encarna Monzó, clarinet, The cycle will be inaugurated by the OJC Trio of Reeds - formed by Encarna Monzó, trumpet, trunk, trombone, saxo, band and orchestra. To make it possible, the organization has hired 22 high-level teachers from various backgrounds, all of them experts in their field. One more year, the renowned director will be present, Manuel Valdivieso, as director of the Orchestra and the band that will be formed during the course. Students will be able to enjoy the opportunity to participate in the various concerts and auditions of the International Music Festival.

An important innovation is that the Music Course is moving, during this edition, at the Jaume Balmes School, since the University is under construction.

A International Music Festival with 10 concerts

The Cervera Chair also includes a prestigious International Music Festival, in which they have been programmed this year 10 concerts of different stylistic types and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of Maestro Pau Casals.

The opening concert will take place on Sunday 16 July, with the National Youth Orchestra of Catalonia (RING) i, Giuliano Carmignola, violin soloist and conductor. Works by Bach and Vivaldi will be performed and it will be held at the University's Paranimf.

Tuesday, 18 of July and also in the Paranymph, the "Paris and Pau Casals" concert will take place, with which Maestro Casals' stay in France is remembered.

Wednesday, 19 of July in the same space, there will also be a very special concert dedicated to Casals. an absolute premiere in co-production with the Pyrenees Early Music Festival, the concert that Maestro del Vendrell gave at the White House will be played faithfully 13 November of the year 1961 with the presence of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The next day, Thursday, 20 July, this festival that focuses on the world of classical music, it opens up to different styles and, on this occasion, pays tribute to the world of the couplet. For the purpose of "The Festival goes out into the streets", the organization wants to bring music closer to the public with a free concert in Plaça Universitat. It will be in charge of the Bellpuig Cobla with Concepcion Ramió as director.

Friday, 21 July, the musical contest returns to the Paranimf to present the Festival Orchestra which will be conducted by Manuel Valdivieso.

Finally, he 22 July, one of the most special moments will arrive where we will be able to appreciate the result of the Music Course, since his students will star in the Band and Orchestras of the Music Festival, also under the direction of Manuel Valdivieso. It should be noted that this concert will take place at the Gran Teatre de la Passion in Cervera.

The competition also includes the so-called OFF Festival that will take place on Saturday, 22 July, at the Municipal Auditorium. Throughout the day, you will be able to listen to various auditions of the students of the Course.

A Luthiers Fair unique in southern Europe

The Chair includes in one of its days, the most important luthier world fair in southern Europe.

Until 9 workshops, with a total of 20 professionals dedicated to lutheria and musical accessories, will meet at the new location of Escola Jaume Balmes on Wednesday, 19 July, to show his art and the result of his work: unique and high quality instruments.

As usual, The Luthiers Fair will exhibit instruments of incalculable value. In this seventeenth edition, you can see one of the cellos that belonged to Pau Casals. It is a cello built by Marc Laberte del 1921 in Mirecourt (France). Exactly, with this instrument, Casals played for two years in 55 concerts in the United States, in many rooms Belgium and England.