children and young people

children and young people

Sunday 30 January, children and young people 50 years of the entity, la Coral Infantil Nova Cervera comptarà al llarg de tota la jornada amb la presència de la cantant i pedagoga Dàmaris Gelabert, que compartirà diverses activitats obertes a la participació de tothom.


Al matí, les instal·lacions de la seu de l’Agrupació Coral de Cervera s’obriran per oferir un taller familiar, obert a tothom, de sensibilització musical adreçat a infants de 0 a 2 years, on Dàmaris Gelabert, a través de la música i el cant, cercarà el gaudi sensorial dels infants i adults participants.

Al migdia, they will be the same singers of the Children's Choir, from the age of three to those of the initial cycle (the groups of Escatxics, Smurfs and Small), those who will have a workshop with Dàmaris Gelabert, where through play and singing, they will prepare the concert that they will share with her a few hours later.

At six in the afternoon, it will be the turn, the Grand Theater of the Passion, of the show “It's orchestra time”, which will bring together Dàmaris Gelabert on stage, the Vallès Symphony Orchestra and the singers (children and young people) of the Children's Choir Nova Cervera, children and young people.
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children and young people?
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Information and poster provided by the Nova Cervera Children's Choir.

Vote Cervera for the Monumental Battle of TV3

Vote Cervera for the Monumental Battle of TV3

The episode of "Batalla Monumental" in which the walls of Cervera were the protagonists was broadcast yesterday by TV3.
If you missed it, you can view it at the following link:

Voting to decide which walls will go to the final is open until Wednesday, January 26 at 23.59 hours.

We want Cervera to win and that's why we need your support.

If you haven't already, leave your comment in one of the following posts in the program:

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Long live the walls of Cervera!!!

Prior reservation to attend the Cant de les Completes de Cervera

Prior reservation to attend the Cant de les Completes de Cervera

The Board of the Completes of the Holy Mystery of Cervera has decided this year to organize the Singing of the Completes in person, and not through the broadcast of Lleida TV and the Paeria Youtube channel, like the year 2021.


Despite having fairly high infection rates and being immersed in the sixth wave of the Covid pandemic19, el Patronat creu que es pot realitzar el Cant de les Completes el proper Saturday 5 February, the church of Santa Maria, them 20 hours.

As for the singers, they will only be members of the Cervera Choral Group, in order to control the number of singers and contact groups, and that in any case reinforcements will be invited according to the balance of the voices.
This year, the safety of participating musicians and singers will also be strengthened thanks to the antigen test that will be carried out prior to the Cant de les Completes..

As for the audience, To be able to access the church, you must have previously registered on the website of the Paeria de Cervera: i posar cada usuari les seves dades personals i el seu correu electrònic. Once registered, you will receive an email with a QR code that must be displayed at the church entrance.
El registre per a l’assistència de les Completes will open on Monday 24 from January to 12 hours. Once the full capacity is completed, registration will be closed immediately.
If you have any questions or problems registering, you can contact the Paeria de Cervera, from Monday to Friday, from 10 a 13 hours, and you can also call on the phone 973 53 35 03 (Monica)

For the people who attend the Completes, it is recommended to come well in advance and respect health measures such as interpersonal distance, the use of the mask throughout the performance, the use of hydroalcoholic ice at the entrance and exit. It is also recommended to bring plenty of warm clothes due to the ventilation of the church.


The Cant de les Completes is part of the Cervera Winter Festival

The Festa Major is declared a heritage festival of national interest and included in the Catalog of Festive Heritage of Catalonia.

It's a traditional feast that highlights the singing of Compline, a popular musical event. The full Cervera, written in 1870 by the chapel masters Salvador Vidal and Joan Pont, Popular pieces are composed of the time.

The walls of Cervera, a “The Monumental Battle” by TV3

The walls of Cervera, a “The Monumental Battle” by TV3

Thursday 20 January, them 22.45 hours, the chapter is broadcast “Battle of the walls”, in which two of the most significant walled enclosures in Catalonia take part: the walls of Cervera and Montblanc.


The presenters of the program, Candela Figueras and Laia Fontan, they will interview experts and present arguments that will tip the public in favor of their respective monument.

The two reporters of “Monumental battle” they will do whatever it takes to make theirs the winning monument of the duel: the Candle, montblanquina of race, he wants to return home with victory in hand. For that, will compete in a very special medieval fair and will put itself in the shoes of the dragon of Sant Jordi.
For its part, Laia is not ready to be left behind and will participate, like one more devil, in a recreation of the Festa de l’Aquelarre de Cervera.

In this battle, popular characters such as the Cerverian motorcycling champions will help them convince the audience Marc Márquez i Álex Márquez or The Pets battery, Joan Reig, who will defend the walls of Montblanc.

Roger de Gràcia is the presenter and narrator of a new battle where, as always, it will be the audience that will decide the winner of this duel between walls by voting through the social networks of the program on @ BatallaTV3.

After the program airs, and until Thursday 27 January, you can vote for the walls of Cervera a:, i

The Cervera Bread Fair will be twinned with the Borges Oil Fair

The Cervera Bread Fair will be twinned with the Borges Oil Fair

Plaça Universitat de Cervera has hosted the presentation of the twinning between the two competitions, which will materialize on Saturday 22 January, within the events of the 59th Extra Virgin Quality Oil Fair and Les Garrigues, in the Borges Blanques.


The two fairs will participate in joint dissemination projects and col·they will work on its promotion. In this way, the Cervera Bread Fair will have an information stand at the next Oil Fair, which is celebrated next 21, 22 i 23 January.

The twinning was unveiled on Friday 14 January, in an act in the University square, with the participation of the paer in chief, Joan Santacana, and the Councilor for Economic Promotion, Ramon Augé; the mayoress of Les Borges, Núria Palau; the presidents of the Segarra County Council, Francesc Lluch, and the Garrigues, Jaume Setó. The Councilor for Tourism of the Paeria also attended, Roser Segura, and the county councilors for Economic Promotion, Josep Esquerra, and Tourism, Montserrat Farrera.

The Councilor for Economic Promotion, Ramon Augé, has stated that “this col·collaboration represents a new impetus for the Cervera Bread Fair ”and highlighted the synergies between the counties of La Segarra and Les Garrigues, now joined by the canal, and the importance of the agricultural sector ".

For his part, the paer in head, Joan Santacana, He wanted to "highlight the similarities between the inhabitants of the two counties" and thanked Les Borges for "the opportunity it offers us to grow the Cervera Bread Fair and which will be a pride to attend the Oil Fair".

The presentation ceremony ended with a tasting of bread and oil, in which the roles have been exchanged: the mayoress of Les Borges, Núria Palau, he cut the bread and the paer in Cervera's head, Joan Santacana, soaked in oil.

The Cervera Bread and Cereal Fair is scheduled for the days 21 i 22 May 2022, one week after the celebration of the traditional St. Isidore's Day, Sunday 15 May.


Change of show in the Theater Cycle

Change of show in the Theater Cycle

The function “Fish life… without thorns ”, by Mercè Comes and Rosa Andreu, scheduled for the day 6 February, had to be suspended, for reasons beyond the control of the organization, and "Master Chef" has been programmed in its place, by Joan Pera.


It will be the third performance of the 24th Cycle of theater and music “Apassiona’t de Cervera, organized by the Department of Culture, and which includes seven shows between November 2021 and May 2022.

The performance of "Master Chef", with the popular comedian Joan Pera, will be part of the program of the Festa Major del Santíssim Misteri.

A “Master Xof”, Joan Pera, owner and head chef of La Perdiueta Eixerida, he just found out that his family wants to close and sell the restaurant on the pretext of a retirement he never wanted. Angry and disappointed, he locks himself in the kitchen and decides, without anyone's help, prepare a particular and fun tasting menu to show that you are still fit.

Ticket sales will be activated shortly. Ticket sales link.

24è “Apassiona’t” theater and music series

The Cycle includes six functions of professional theater and, as a novelty, a musical show.

All theatrical performances are by professional companies and by renowned actresses and actors, among which the brewer Ferran Orobitg, that will bring to the Cycle its creation “Fragile”, a show based on his personal experience.

The shows can be seen at the Gran Teatre de la Passió (6 functions) and at the Casal Theater (1), respecting the health protocols in force at any given time.

According to the Councilor for Culture, Mercè Carulla, “The Cycle presents a varied and very high level programming, which deals with current and transcendent issues of our society, with the aim of reaching all types of audiences. ”


Upcoming functions


Behind the stove, with sympathy, between laughter and complicity, el nostre Master Xof will prepare a menu for all of us that everyone likes… But tonight, i by surprise, there will be two mysterious diners who will take him by the thumb. He will have to retire or continue to be the cook of laughter for life?

authorship: Joan Pera.
Direction: Enric Llort.
Performers: Joan Pera.
Sunday 6 February.


It is a story based on personal experience told as a metaphor for the experience of many people who have experienced cancer up close., either in person or through a family member or friend, and those who will have it in the future… A paradoxical and strange story about the fragility of the human condition. A poetic passage, metaphorical, mythological, through the narrative and representation of two worlds: the outside world ( the body, the visible, the disease…) and the inner world (the struggle for balance and survival…).

Authorship and performer: Ferran Orobitg.
duration: 60 minutes.
Sunday 20 February.



Three brothers have stayed for dinner and to talk about their father. The man is old and there are those who think that he cannot continue living alone. It is often lost, he forgets about things and lately has gotten into the bad habit of showing his penis to his neighbor. What was supposed to be a pleasant evening between siblings becomes an endless discussion over three weeks, until…

Direction and authorship: Cesc Gay.
Performers: Pere Arquillué, Cristina Plazas, Àgata Roca and Lluís Villanueva.
duration: 90 minutes.
Sunday 6 March.



The victor, Alba and Arnau, three brothers from Barcelona, they meet to decide what to do with an unusual inheritance. But they soon realize that what seemed like a gift from heaven can turn their reality upside down. Clinging to lives that do not satisfy them, they will face a decision that will test their sibling relationship. In the end, who is willing to give up anything for a flock of sheep? ‘Sheep’ reflects, in humor, about the frustration of a crisis-stricken generation. How to deal with disappointment and the constant need to reinvent ourselves. Because, really, to want is to be able?

Dramaturgy and direction: Carmen Marfà and Yago Alonso.
Performers: Sara Espígul, Biel Duran and Albert Triola.
duration: 75 minutes.
Sunday 3 d'abril.


The Marc, a trans man from 42 eight-month pregnant years, up to the gynecology consultation, where he has to hold the inquisitive gaze of the rest of the patients. This trigger will make Marc invite us to know his story, returning to be that girl whom they called "marimacho", that teenager who felt watched and hated her breasts. He will go through the moment again when he discovered what his real identity was and we will see him struggling with himself to accept himself., at the same time he will have to deal with the distancing of a father who does not understand him.

Direction: Núria Florensa and Raül Tortosa.
Interpreter: Isidre Montserrat.
duration: 70 minutes.
Sunday 15 May.