Cervera dedicates the Isagoge to the dissemination of the witch hunt in La Segarra

Cervera dedicates the Isagoge to the dissemination of the witch hunt in La Segarra

la Isagpge, prelude to the Festa Major de Cervera, presents numerous cultural activities, of the 17 al 24 September, from the thematic axis “The witch hunt in La Segarra: the house of Magdalena de Montclar ".


The cultural week, which is now in its 45th edition, this year is dedicated to recovering the memory of women accused of witchcraft.

The Paeria de Cervera adhered to the Manifesto “They were not witches, they were women ”, impulsat per la revista de divulgació històrica You know. Episodes of witch hunts are documented in Cervera, as in the case of Magdalena de Montclar, who was sentenced to death.

According to the Councilor for Culture, Mercè Carulla, the programming of the Isagoge 2021 intends to make "an act of reparation for the injustices committed to women accused of witchcraft".

The schedule includes a series of talks, theatrical performances in different formats, cinema, workshops, book presentations, tourist visits, jazz concert…

The events are organized by the Department of Culture and the Museum of Cervera, with the help·collaboration of the Departments of Feminist Policies and Tourism and the Library.

The participation of local entities is in the sardana workshop, by the Colla Sardanista Jovencells, and the children's percussion workshop, organized by the Bombollers and the Agrupació Seny Major.

Due to the preventive measures of the Covid-19 there have been some modifications to the program, que es pot consultar actualitzat a “La Traça, festive cultural agenda", a la web www.cerverapaeria.cat, from where you can also access the ticket reservation for each activity

Mascle Cabró returns to star in Aquelarre

Mascle Cabró returns to star in Aquelarre

👉 The Male Goat, after a year without leaving, has returned to star in the Aquelarre. 🔥
➡️ He has been invoked by the Aquelarre organizations in Cervera, with the participation of 140 people, coordinated and directed by @greppteatre. 🎭
👉 The party, which was held in the Plaça de Cal Racó, has included:
✅ The Dance of the Cock and the Invocation of the Male Goat.
✅ The concert of the Valencian group @eldiluvi.🎶🎶
✅ L’Escorreguda del Mascle Cabró, with confetti, and the Foqueral by the @diablesdecervera.🎉🔥
📲 The events have been broadcast live on Lleida TV and can be seen on the web www.lleidatv.cat.
Mascle Cabró will release a mask for the Aquelarre de Cervera 2021

Mascle Cabró will release a mask for the Aquelarre de Cervera 2021

The Segarra artist Xavi Badia has given the Aquelarre organization the new Mascle Cabró mask he has made in his workshop, The Gargoyle, and which will premiere at this year’s activities.

The mask is made of latex and high density cold foam, with a synthetic fiber reinforcement for the horns and back. Its design and modeling enhance the volumes of a goat's face. The contrast of tones makes the volumes stand out from the stage where they perform.

The previous mask, created by Xavi Badia himself last year 2016, it is in very poor condition and its restoration was complex due to the deterioration of the materials. There are also two earlier heads, created by Grepp Teatre and artist Alba Cuñé, respectively.

The Male Goat will appear in the activity on Saturday 28 d'agost, a cal Racó, from the 21.30 hours.


L’Aquelarret will also release a Cabronet figure

The children's version of the party will renew the Cabronet, with a new tadpole, made by the artist Pau Reig, of Solsona.

This is a child-sized tadpole made of stone cardboard. It is a unique model designed exclusively for the Aquelarre festival and the city of Cervera. It is made of durable and wear-proof material so that the head can be worn and at the same time can be supported on the ground..

El Cabronet will be one of the protagonists of the Aquelarret festival, on Saturday 28 d'agost, a cal Racó, from the 18 hours.

The events on Saturday night of the Aquelarre will be broadcast live on Lleida TV and streaming

The events on Saturday night of the Aquelarre will be broadcast live on Lleida TV and streaming

La Paeria de Cervera and Lleida TV have reached an agreement for the broadcast of the Aquelarre show and the El Diluvi concert, which will be held on Saturday 28 d'agost, from the 21.30 hours.

These events can be seen live on Lleida TV and can also be watched on the Internet, accessing a link that will be found on the Paeria website.

The activities of the Aquelarre 2021 they will be done in a single space, Cal Racó, and with a very limited capacity, from 320 people, to be able to comply with the current regulations of the Procicat.

Capacity limitation a 320 has caused many people to run out of tickets for Saturday night’s activities at the Aquelarre. The seats sold out on Friday 20 in the morning in the morning by the face-to-face reservation system that was set up in the Plaza Mayor.

To respond to all the people who were left without entry and also to reach all the potential audience of Cervera, the Lands of Lleida and everywhere, the Paeria de Cervera has reached an agreement of col·collaboration with Lleida TV for broadcasts.

According to the councilor of Aquelarre, Mireia Brandon, “The limitations for the Covid-19 make day-to-day management very complex in general and, in concrete, in events as popular as the Aquelarre ”. Mireia Brandon adds that "we are aware that many people have run out of tickets and that is why these events will be broadcast live.".