Cultural week of Sant Jordi in Cervera

Cultural week of Sant Jordi in Cervera

Cervera organizes a week of cultural activities, of the 17 al 25 d'abril, on the occasion of St. George's Day, which includes book presentations, theatrical performances, initiatives to encourage reading, musical auditions, a theatrical visit, the Verbena and the traditional book and flower market on Guinedilda Street…

El Museu de Cervera presenta el catàleg Artisans Baroque. Cervera and the art of his time " de la gran exposició que es va poder visitar a l’Antiga Biblioteca de la Universitat, of the end of the 2019 at the beginning of the 2020, on the occasion of Cervera Capital of Catalan Culture.
The presentation will be given by curators Joan Yeguas and Francesc Miralpeix, and Maria Garganté and Joaquim Albareda, four of the best specialists in baroque art who will offer an interesting round table, the Auditorium of the University.
L’activitat és Thursday 22 d'abril, them 18 hours, amb aforament limitat i reserva prèvia a

For St. George's Day, Friday 23, the stalls of roses and books on Guinedilda Street are concentrated, with all current health measures.

Plaça Joan Salat will host the presentation, them 18 hours, of the book “Unearthing Oblivion. Memories beyond the common grave of Cervera ”, by one of the authors, Rosa Papell. The book is a collection of texts that testify to the dignity of the common grave of the cemetery of Cervera, from its historical study to the memory of annual family gatherings. It was coordinated by Paquita Buron, Josep Miret, Rosa Papell and Jordi Oliva, impelling historian of the pit dignification project.
The presentation will be a tribute to Josep Miret, who left us last year, i to Paquita Buron, who died a few weeks ago. There will be a musical performance by the Conservatory String Trio (Maria Llobet, viola; Eric Grau, double bass; and Joan Maria Añé, double bass) and book sales.

L’alumnat de l’Escola de teatre La Caserna de Cervera representarà "The legend of the dragon", un espectacle creat en motiu de la diada de Sant Jordi 2021. La representació es farà al pati de la Universitat, them 18.30 hours, with limited capacity and reserva prèvia.

He Saturday 24, them 11 hours, arriba una nova sessió de la visit characterized “Walls, wizards and alleys: discover every nook and cranny ”, by Alea Teatre. Address to family audience, the visit takes place between the walls and the alley of the Witches, in the old town of Cervera. Prior reservation is required at Turisme Cervera ( o al telèfon 973 53 44 42).

The local library Josep Finestres organizes the Revetlla de Sant Jordi, que preveu el recital “Everyone knows that: poems, texts and songs by Leonard Cohen ”, by Marta Marco (cello and voice), Marc serra (guitar and voice), Montse Vellvehí (voice) i Ernest Villegas (voice). The poetry and music recital takes the audience into the universe of the artist Leonard Cohen. The activity is in the inner courtyard of the University, them 12.30 hours, and prior reservation is required at

The Conservatory also participates in the Cultural Week, with auditions and recitals d’alumnat del centre. Samples of his musical work are made between the days 19 i 23 d'abril, them 19 hours, in the Bach Classroom and the Auditorium, With previous reservation.

L’Espai Jove el Racó promou “Tastets of youth literature”, that from the day 2 April offers book recommendations by young people from Cervera on their social networks ((Instagram, Facebook, Twitter i Youtube).

El Pla Educatiu d’Entorn de Cervera s’ha afegit a la setmana cultural amb l’organització de l’activitat “Literary Laundry”. Students from all schools in the city make literary recommendations, which can be seen in different shops between the days 19 i 24 d'abril.

Closing the cultural week, Sunday 25 d'abril, la representació de "The Diamond Square", theatrical adaptation of one of Mercè Rodoreda’s major works of Catalan literature. It is part of the 23rd Apassiona’t Theater Series, i les entrades estan a la venda a

The presentation of the book "The perfect memories", by Susanna Batalla, winner of the 14th edition of the 7letters award, scheduled for Wednesday 21 d'abril, has had to be suspended for reasons beyond the control of the organization (the 7letters Award and more).

Pianist Lídia Soldevila wins the ACCAT Prize

Pianist Lídia Soldevila wins the ACCAT Prize

The jury of the BBVA Music Award for Individual Talent 2021 awarded the ACCAT Prize for the best interpretation of a Catalan work to the pianist Lídia Soldevila i Pons, student at the Conservatory of Cervera, for the interpretation of the “Spanish Serenade” by Joaquim Malats.

The BBVA Music Award for Individual Talent aims to promote the musical training of young student musicians to make it easier for them to dedicate themselves professionally to music.. It is convened by the Fundació Antigues Caixes Catalanes (FACC), with the support of BBVA.

Lídia Soldevila has completed her professional degree in accordion - under the tutelage of Sònia Peiró- and piano at the Conservatory of Music of Cervera, being an honorary award for achieving an excellent average·slow in his studies during the course 19/20. This year she is one of the students who will take the tests to access higher music studies.

Information provided by Santi River (Cervera Conservatory).

Cervera completes the first weekend of the Easter Festival with all tickets sold out

Cervera completes the first weekend of the Easter Festival with all tickets sold out

The concert of the Orquestra Julià Carbonell de les Terres de Lleida, with the tenor Roger Padullés, officially opened a new edition of the Cervera Easter Festival, on Saturday 27 March.

The performance of the OJC filled the capacity of the University Auditorium, with all the localities exhausted, like the Casals Quartet concert, Sunday 28.

The OJC premiered its program “Two Universal Teachers and One for the Future: Manén, Gerhard and Bertran ”. Orchestral works such as “Miniatures” by Joan Manén and “Cançoner de Pedrell” by Robert Gerhard could be heard, two universal composers to whom the beer contest pays homage in this edition. Moisès Bertran's "Three Songs of Acadia" was also performed, composer born in Mataró on 1967 and currently established in Colombia.

The inaugural concert was attended by the head of Cervera, Joan Santacana; the chairman of the council of Lleida, Joan Talarn; the territorial delegate of the Government of the Generalitat in Lleida, Ramon Farré; the general director of Popular Culture of the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat, Blasco Angels; the Councilor for Culture of the Paeria de Cervera, Mercè Carulla; the head of the music department of the ICEC, Xavier Cester; and the artistic director of the Festival, Jordi Armengol.

The activities of the Festival began earlier with a conference entitled “Robert Gerhard. Beyond exile ", by Oriol Pérez Treviño, curator of the exhibition that opened shortly afterwards at the Museum. This exhibition can be seen in Cervera throughout the festival and until 2 May.

On Sunday the Pau Casals Quartet offered the concert entitled ‘Remembering the Renaissance Quartet’, in which an emotional thread of 100 years that has linked these two major groups. On the one hand, the extraordinary Casals Quartet i, for the other, the Renaissance Quartet, led by Eduard Toldrà, which just a century ago closed its impressive trajectory with a concert at the Palau de la Música.

Parallel activities have also followed·leles of the Festival with the screening, this Sunday afternoon, of the documentary “Joan Manén, variations without theme ”. This audiovisual work follows in the footsteps of the Joan Manén Association in its four-year journey to recover this great figure in music.. The documentary was directed by Jaime Ballada and Daniel Torres of Marcial Audiovisual.

This way, a first week of concerts closes and Cervera is already preparing for next week, in which the musical activity will resume from Thursday 1 d'abril.
The festival will continue with more parallel activities·leles, together with the performances of the artists Carles Marigó and Jaume Sangrà with their installation·#BombollaSegura, Júlia Farrés and Daniel Blanch, local desperate, Juanco-Monge Quartet, Anna Puig and Jordi Castellà, Àlex Garrobé, Symbiotic Duo, Xuriach Company and the Chamber Choir of the Palau de la Música Catalana with Xavier Puig.

Informació aportada pel Servei de Premsa del Festival de Pasqua.

Aeronautical engineer Jordi Barrera leads the technical team that has developed the nanosatellite·lit Enxaneta

Aeronautical engineer Jordi Barrera leads the technical team that has developed the nanosatellite·lit Enxaneta

The young engineer Jordi Barrera Ars leads the technical team of Open Cosmos, company that has developed the nanosatellite·lit Enxaneta, the first to put the Generalitat de Catalunya into orbit.

Born in Torah, he came to live in Cervera from an early age, where he studied at the Jaume Balmes school and the Antoni Torroja high school.

He then studied Aeronautical Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and specialized in Astronautics and Space Systems Engineering at Cranfield University. (England).

Established in the United Kingdom, began working at Surrey Satellite Technology, pioneering mini satellite company·beds (less than 500 kg), where he participated in several different missions.

Now it does 5 years he joined the founding team of Open Cosmos, company with equipment in the United Kingdom and Catalonia, where he leads the technical team that develops satellite·beds.


Nanosatellite·lit Enxaneta

It is the first space mission of the programa NewSpace the Government, with the aim of to Improve 5G Connectivity | throughout the Catalan territory.

But it will also have other applications, com l‘Observation of water reserves i la wildlife protection. Besides, the data obtained by the nanosatellite·from remote space stations will be used to make weather forecasts.

Of little more than three kilograms of fish, was launched into orbit from the Baikonur rocket base, al Kazakhstan. It took off inside a rocket Soiuz 2, of almost 50 meters high, together with 37 nanosatellite·Atmospheric and telecommunications beds of 18 countries.

Congratulations Jordi Barrera Ars from Cervera!

The beer filmmaker Jordi Boquet wins a Gaudí Prize

The beer filmmaker Jordi Boquet wins a Gaudí Prize

“Neither forgetfulness nor forgiveness”, directed by Jordi Boquet Claramunt, he won the award for best short film at the Gaudí Awards for Catalan cinema, at a gala that took place on Sunday 21 March and was broadcast live on TV3.

The short film, written by Jordi Boquet and Tomàs Bayo himself, was produced by Escac Films. It is a final project of the Degree of students of the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (Chess).

It was shot between Cervera, in January of 2019, with the participation of numerous volunteers as extras, and Burjassot (Horta Nord, Valencia). It premiered at the Gran Teatre de la Passió in Cervera, in March of 2020.

The short film, “first opera” by Jordi Boquet, is inspired by the posthumous story of the young Guillem Agulló. It is the story of a family struggling to keep the memory of a murdered child intact, the Agulló and Salvador family. A family drama that aims to be a tribute to the memory of Guillem and his family and that shows and vindicates the reality of the victims of fascism in our country.

Congratulations Jordi Boquet Claramunt from Cervera!

Easter Festival tickets on sale 2021

Easter Festival tickets on sale 2021

The Easter Festival has already launched the advance ticketing system, which can be purchased with a 20% discount on the website

end of tickets in this link to the Festival website.

Ticket prices vary by concert. Evening concerts are priced at 15 euros. A discount is applied from the website 20% and its price drops to 12. Paral·lelament, tickets for the morning concerts can also be purchased in advance for only 5 euros.

Equally, the organization of the Easter Festival has reached different agreements with various entities and organizations such as the Carnet Jove, the TRESC Club and various media, others, to offer discounts among its subscribers. The different discount options (early entry or through these rebates with media entities or subscribers) they are not cumulative with each other.

At the same time, those interested in attending more than one concert can choose to purchase a season ticket that will allow them to see the evening concerts scheduled for only 50 euros. This year, the season ticket for morning concerts is also added, in which you can enjoy two different concerts for just one 7 euros.

The Easter Festival includes several parallel activities·leles as projections documents on Joan Manén, an exhibition, an annotated audition and a lecture on the figure of Robert Gerhard. In these cases, the activities are free, but reservations must be made in advance via the web.

Exactly, this year’s Festival revolves around these two figures in our music: Manén and Gerhard. Of the 27 March 4 d'abril, the Julià Carbonell Symphony Orchestra of the Terres de Lleida participates, the Casals Quartet, Carles Marigó and Jaume Sangrà with their installation·#BombollaSegura, Júlia Farrés and Daniel Blanch, local desperate, Juanco-Monge Quartet, Anna Puig and Jordi Castellà, Àlex Garrobé, Symbiotic Duo, Xuriach Company and the Chamber Choir of the Palau de la Música Catalana with Xavier Puig.

All concerts and activities will be governed strictly following all the security and protection protocols activated as a result of the pandemic caused by Covid. 19.

The Easter Festival, organized by the Town Council of Cervera, is a meeting point for the sector of classical music in Catalonia and a showcase of classical music in Catalonia.