Cervera, ready to celebrate the Festa Major

Cervera, ready to celebrate the Festa Major

Friday 25 on Monday 28 September, Cervera celebrates the Festa Major, which has scheduled close to 30 activities, in which the capacity control and the sanitary measures of prevention of the Covid-19 are always guaranteed.

The party begins with the traditional proclamation and recognition to a local entity. As a novelty this year, the Proclamation is held at street level, in the main square, next to the audience. It will be run by the staff of the Cervera Primary Care Center, in recognition of his work in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The organization honored is the Children’s Choir Nova Cervera, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary.

The acts begin at 20 hours, in the main square, with limited capacity and which is already complete. Es pot seguir live through the Youtube channel of the Paeria de Cervera.

Festive activities are concentrated on the street, like Pub Night; the mobile concert with The Txandals, and the theatrical performances of the Cerea groups Alea Teatre, Fadunito and Sound de Secà. The "Silos" courtyard opens (SENPA silos), as a concert venue, with the performances of Lasta Sanco and Les Montses; habaneras with Les Anxovetes and the Selvatana orchestra.

Capacity is limited and prior reservation is required to attend. Informem que the seats are already sold out for all performances.

This year's Festa Major entourage is "online", with the retransmission of a video with the performances of popular culture organizations in different settings of the city’s monumental heritage. The broadcast is on Sunday 27, them 12 hours. You can see the projection from the Plaza Mayor, but capacity is limited and tickets are already sold out, o seguir through the YouTube channel of the Paeria de Cervera.

També es retransmetrà live on Youtube el seguici de la Festa Major petita, Monday 28, them 11 hours.

The Festa Major will close with a fireworks display, Monday at 22.30 hours, from three different points (castell, Union and sports pavilion) so that it can be seen from the balconies of the whole city.

By the Councilor for Festivities, Mireia Brandon, the Festa Major wants to have “a memory to all the people who have left us because of the Covid-19 and a recognition to all those people who have been and are in the front line fighting to fight the pandemic”. "We are in a crisis due to a health emergency, but we also have to look ahead ”.

the activities, as was seen for the Festiuada, have been programmed with the intention of supporting local trade and artists.

Link to the program of events.

"Buy and win" campaign in 31 shops in Cervera

"Buy and win" campaign in 31 shops in Cervera

The campaign to support small businesses and territorial promotion "Buy and earn", organized by the Network of neighborhoods with projects, of which the Paeria de Cervera is part, has moved this year to October and has expanded to shops in all neighborhoods of the city, with the help·collaboration of the Cervera Merchants Association.

“Old quarters, buy and win ", which this year reaches its 10th edition, as each year was scheduled for the month of June, but the 31 organizing councils decided to postpone it to October to ensure the participation of all types of trade and services once the phases of the de-escalation by the Covid-19.

In Cervera it will take place throughout the month of October in a total of 31 businesses that have joined the initiative. Buy at these stores, customers will receive a form that they will have to fill in with their personal data and deposit in a ballot box. The draw will take place on the day 3 of November and the day 5 the awards ceremony will take place.

Winners will be able to enjoy a tourist experience in each other 30 organizing municipalities: guided tours, meals, knowledge of the natural environment, tastings, hotel nights or take part in local festivals and fairs, among other activities. The prizes can be enjoyed between the months of November 2020 and June of 2021, included.

The participating municipalities on 2020 they are: Argentona, Balaguer, Besalú, Cabrera de Mar, Calaf, Cardona, Centelles, Cervera, Cervià de les Garrigues, El Vendrell, Falset, Juneda, La Selva del Camp, Les Borges Blanques, L’Arboç, L’Espluga de Francolí, Lleida, Manresa, Mediona, Having wheel, Sallent, Sant Feliu de Codines, San Hipolito de Voltrega, Sant Martí de Tous, San Quentin Mediona, Santa Coloma, Torello, Tortosa, Tremp, Ulldecona Vilanova del Camino.

The campaign aims to support local trade and also to raise awareness of the city’s heritage to visitors from other municipalities..

Success of the theatrical visit to the old town of Cervera

Success of the theatrical visit to the old town of Cervera

The Department of Tourism organized, within the programming of the Isagoge, a new edition of the visit interpreted “Walls, wizards and alleys: discover every nook and cranny ”, Sunday 20 September, which was a success with the attendance of about twenty people.

Very positive assessment of the 1st edition of the "Festiuada"

Very positive assessment of the 1st edition of the "Festiuada"

Councilors in the Economic Promotion Area, Tourism, Culture and Festivals, Mercè Carulla and Mireia Brandon, take stock of two months of activities in Cervera as part of the “Festive”.

"It simply came to our notice then 12 September, vam donar per finalitzada la primera edició de la “Festive, moments of art and marinade ”, que va néixer com a resposta a les suspensions per la Covid-19 d’alguns actes que tradicionalment s’organitzaven a Cervera i que comportaven aglomeracions de gent, such as the Aquelarre. It was created with the aim of supporting local and local artists, and at the same time reactivate festive life, cultural and economic of Cervera.

As councilors in the Economic Promotion Area, Tourism, Culture and Festivals, of the new left-wing government in the Paeria de Cervera, with a clear commitment to culture and tourism as key sectors for the economic reactivation of Cervera, we set to work against the clock to make the Festiuada possible.

We were very clear that, despite restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all sanitary measures, it was necessary to make a cultural program in the city and fill the streets of Cervera with life. When designing the Holiday, our priorities were, on the one hand, hire local and local companies and artists mostly, a sector in which the pandemic has shaken a lot; Besides, culture made confinement more enjoyable for us, now it's time to give it back by supporting it and betting on the one closest to us, for the culture of proximity. On the other hand, we considered the Festiuada to be a good way to energize terraces, bars and trade in general, with performances in the squares and streets of the city, thus making culture a source of economic dynamism. Vision that must always persist, not just in times of pandemic.

It's been eight weeks, twenty-seven summer days of music, theater, dance, cinema, popular culture, exhibitions and also gastronomy, with very good acceptance by the audience who attended. Reduced acts, with limited capacity and distance sanitary measures, mask and hydroalcoholic gel.

We are very clear that culture is necessary in our lives, which brings benefits in many areas, both socially and economically, i, so, its programming is essential.

The Festiuada has come to stay, with the hope that next year the situation of the pandemic will be more controlled and we can share small moments showing off the best of our smiles, away from masks.


Mercè Carulla and Mireia Brandon
Councilors of the Economic Promotion Area, Tourism, Culture and Festivals

The Cervera Museum presents the exhibition "Confin-Art"

The Cervera Museum presents the exhibition "Confin-Art"

The chief paer, Joan Santacana; Councilwoman of Culture, Mercè Carulla; and the director of the Museum, Carmen Bergés, have presented to the media the exhibition “Confin-Art, landscapes of confinement ”, a diverse sample of up to 21 local artists reflecting on the pandemic and confinement.

The exhibition opens on Friday 10 September, them 21 hours, and will be open until 8 November.

In the presentation, the paer in head, Joan Santacana, has talked about the Covid-19. "We have changed these six months, we have experienced feelings like fear, the anxiety… and we have developed resilience. ” "All this is very well reflected in the sample".

The Councilor for Culture, Mercè Carulla, and also as a provincial deputy, He stressed that “the exhibition gives value to the territory, with the participation of artists from La Segarra and the neighboring counties ”.

Finally, the director of the Museum, Carmen Bergés, He remarked that “the Museum opens its doors to local artists, that with their creations they give tools so that people reflect towards the reality ”.

Exhibition “Confin-Art, landscapes of confinement ”

Until 21 artists participate in the show. The territory unites them all, they are artists who work in the county of La Segarra and neighboring counties (Urgell, Boredom, Conca de Barberà, the Garrigues), and his critical work toward what the pandemic and confinement we have experienced has meant.

21 proposals with very different languages ​​- from painting to performative actions, sculpture, literature, video install·lations and sculpture- from which the artists share with us their vision, his point of view on universal concepts and close to everyone.

It is part of the "Memories of the pandemic" campaign, an initiative led by the museums that form part of the Networks of History Museums and Museums of Ethnology of Catalonia and the Museum of the History of Catalonia and which proposes a campaign to collect documents and material objects that testify to the passage of the COVID 19 for our country.

The exhibition can be visited from 10 September to 8 November.

Més informació en aquest link to the Cervera Museum.

The Medieval Passion of Cervera presents the infernal satire "The Gate of Good Intentions"

The Medieval Passion of Cervera presents the infernal satire "The Gate of Good Intentions"

After the difficult but inevitable decision to suspend the Medieval Passion 2020, the association plans to carry out different activities in the coming months related to the Medieval Passion, such as exhibitions, talks and small plays.

L’any 2019 you could see the separate piece in female key "The Silent Voices". And this next Isagoge, specifically on Saturday and Sunday 19 i 20 September, the Auditorium of the University, "The Gate of Good Intentions" will be released. It is a satire written and directed by Pep Oriol, with hell and the devils of the Medieval Passion as protagonists.

This time it's hell coming out of “It was”, with the devils and the mouth of hell that will open and close to know until 14 evil characters, all of them quite bizarre. This piece dates back to the Middle Ages and is set in a timeless but very current era with a sense of humor..

Tickets to attend these functions (Saturday at 20.30 h i 22.30 h and Sunday at 20.30 h) they are ha to the bandage. Cal fer-ne la reserva a través de la Medieval Passion website o comprant-les a taquilla el mateix dia de la funció, as long as localities remain available. The price is € 10 and the proceeds will be used to cover the expenses of The Medieval Passion of the year 2019, which could not be covered by the lack of public funding for which the entity was surprised. The situation has been aggravated by the cancellation·of its function 2020 because of the coronavirus.

Information and image provided by the Medieval Passion Association of Cervera.