Cervera restores the baroque chapels of the convent of Sant Domènec

This week, work has begun on rehabilitating the interior spaces of the chapels of Sant Tomàs and El Roser, in the church of Sant Domènec de Cervera, which are conditioned to accommodate cultural uses.

The work is being carried out by the local company Construcciones Codina Vall, in accordance with the project “Rehabilitation of the church of Sant Domènec - Eix Barroc for a cultural center (2a fase)”, by the architect Antoni Martí and the surveyor Cesc Rosell.

The works, which is expected to last two and a half months, have a cost of 90.424 euros, and are subsidized by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya in the line for the conservation of buildings of remarkable cultural value.

The project gives continuity to the works carried out in the first phase, which basically consisted of structural consolidation and replacement of the church roof.

In this second phase, the works consist of the progressive functional rehabilitation of the interior spaces of the chapels of Sant Tomàs and El Roser., both finishes and installation step forecast·lations, in order to provide the building with all the requirements to host cultural activities. Col.·place stained glass windows inside the chapels so as not to lose the perception of the baroque axis.

According to the Councilor for Culture, Mercè Carulla, this performance, added to the project subsidized by the 1.5% Cultural that will be promoted shortly, "It will allow the complete refurbishment of the building to be completed and it can host all kinds of cultural events".

The 1.5% Cultural project envisages an investment of 404.297 euros for the installation·water services and infrastructure, electricity, heating and air conditioning. The contribution of the Ministry of Transport is one 59% of the budget.

Sant Domènec (s. XIV-XV) is the Gothic church of the old Dominican convent, mendicant order said of the preachers. They were built on both sides of the apse, the eighteenth century, the chapels of the Roser (of the guild of draperies and paraires) and that of St. Thomas.

The church was restored last year 2011, with works to solve the basic problems of stability and security of the building, which was in a state of significant degradation and rubble, after nearly fifty years in absolute disuse. The reconstruction of the building represented an investment of more than 1 million euros.

Concert by the Orquestra de la Catalunya Interior in Cervera

Concert by the Orquestra de la Catalunya Interior in Cervera

Sunday 17 January, them 19 hours, the Auditorium of the University, tindrà lloc un concert de l’Orquestra de la Catalunya Interior amb el títol “Tenim Corda!”.

El concert combinarà obres de compositors clàssics amb peces d’autors catalans. Un concert d’orquestra de corda per commemorar el 125è aniversari del naixement d’Eduard Toldrà. En aquesta ocasió podrem sentir algunes de les seves cançons –amb arranjaments per a veu i orquestra de corda a càrrec de Jordi Castellà. Al seu costat també escoltarem “Anufrievo”, de la jove compositora i artista visual lleidatana Laura Farré. I la segona part estarà dedicada a dues Suites: la Suite Holberg del compositor noruec Edward Grieg i la Suite Capriol –basada en melodies i danses renaixentistes- composta per Philip Arnold Heseltine tot i haver utilitzat el pseudònim Peter Warlock.

El concert comptarà amb la presència de la soprano Montse Isanta i la direcció de Jordi Castellà.

Information provided by Santi River (Friends of Music of Cervera).
Cervera, 13 de gener de 2021.

The Conservatory organizes Christmas concerts adapted to the new times

The Conservatory organizes Christmas concerts adapted to the new times

The Professional Conservatory of Music has organized Christmas concerts in a format adapted to the new normal, but trying to culminate this first quarter with music.

In order to be able to comply with security measures, several concerts will be held.

Friday 18, them 19 hours, it will be the turn of the Andreví Orchestra - conducted by Carles Gumí- and the Britten Orchestra - conducted by Jordi Armengol. I a les 20.30 hours the Band and Accordion Group will perform. Both concerts in the University Auditorium.

On the other hand, on Saturday 19 there will be student auditions in the morning in the Auditorium and at the same venue, them 18 hours, it will be the turn of the guitar group, the percussion group and chamber music students. And the concerts of the choral groups will take place in the Auditorium of the University in limited capacity.

Besides, and as a novelty, els concerts del Paranimf es retransmetran en streaming pel Canal Youtube del Conservatori so that everyone who wants to follow them and can’t get in can enjoy them.

Information provided by Santi River (Cervera Conservatory).
Cervera, 16 December 2020.

"LIVE Christmas in Cervera", new proposal for activities for children and young people

"LIVE Christmas in Cervera", new proposal for activities for children and young people

The Christmas holidays are approaching and Cervera has prepared activities for children, young people and families. However, this year will be different from recent years as the traditional Christmas Park will not be organized, which was to celebrate its 23rd edition.

For this reason, from the Department of Youth of the Paeria has organized the "LIVE Christmas in Cervera", a set of activities aimed at children and young people in the municipality.

It should be noted that this new format, which complies with the health restrictions decreed by the Procicat, presents a very varied offer. Therefore, among other things, attendees will find music and theater performances, gymkhanas, driving techniques, children's paintball, film sessions, virtual reality and workshops.

To carry them out and to help the nearest businesses, the organization has opted to hire companies and groups in the region. Besides, and unlike in recent years, these activities will be decentralized in different spaces and facilities of the municipality.

Because of the new reality we live in, and how could it be otherwise, this whole series of activities will have a limited capacity. In terms of prices, most of these activities will be free, although some will be paid, which oscillates·laran entre 1 i 3 euros / person.

The Councilor for Youth, Meritxell Ramon, states that from this Area “they are very satisfied with the whole series of activities that have been offered, given the delicate situation we find ourselves in, and they trust that the participation will be good ”.

Besides, the Department of Youth invites young people from the municipality to col·work voluntarily in organizing and ensuring the safety of the different activities.

Link to the program of events.
Link to the activity registration form.

Concert of the Autumn Jazz Festival in Cervera

Concert of the Autumn Jazz Festival in Cervera

Cervera resumes cultural activities with the public on Friday 4 December, with a jazz concert, at the Municipal Auditorium, by Perico Sambeat Quintet.

The concert is a proposal that arrives in Cervera within the official program of the prestigious Autumn Jazz, the XXVII Lleida Jazz Festival.

The great saxophonist Perico Sambeat will recreate the concert "Jazz At Massey Hall", a tribute to Charlie Parker, one of the coolest musicians in history. The performance will be given by the quintet formed by Perico Sambeat, saxo alt; Voro Garcia, trumpet; Albert Sanz, piano; Toño Miguel, double bass, i Stephen Keogh, drums.

Admission to the concert is free, but the capacity of the room is limited and a prior reservation must be made via the web: http://acces.oa2produccions.cat/esdeveniment/3833.

Due to restrictions by the Covid-19, Friday 4 of December the perimeter confinement of weekend will still be in force and only the people resident in the municipality of Cervera will be able to attend the concert.

The concert is organized by the Paeria de Cervera, which continues to focus on the programming of cultural activities, adapted to the health situation of each moment.
The Easter Festival of Catalan classical music, of the 14 al 22 November, it aired streaming concerts open to everyone and was a hit.
The Theater Cycle will offer two proposals in December: "La Plaça del Diamant" and "L'espill encantat", which will be performed at the Gran Teatre de la Passió on 13 i 27 December, respectively.

Cervera, 27 of November 2020.