The main street

Buildings that speak their glorious past

Due to its location on a hill, the town extended lengthwise.

The main street reveals this fact,winding track how the land. During your journey we found a series of unique buildings that speak their glorious past. We can see mansions and Cal Razquin, former residence of the lords of Pedrolo, or Cal Sabater or the Marquis de Campmany.


The magic characterizes

at the beginning, Cervera was a walled town where the outer walls of the houses served as the first core defensive walls.

Alley Witches formed later, when the balconies of the houses that were connected with the gardens were closed spaces creating magic that characterizes.


Place public ajusticiament

Located in the eastern part, a bit away from the city, we find this curious limestone structure that was once public ajusticiament criminals sentenced to death by hanging.

Plaza Santa Ana

At this point the city was closed to the portal of Santa Maria.

Before entering Main Street Plaza Santa Ana are beyond. At this point, at the end of Main Street, the city closed the portal of Santa Maria.

He 1375 was built on this portal a chapel dedicated to St. Anne, but was moved to a corner of the street that took the name.

Plaza Mayor

He is currently the main space of many events

Aspect symmetrical and uniform, thanks to the reforms of King Charles IV for his holidays in proclamation 1789.

Also highlight the rest of the porches, built from the year 1401, which formerly roamed around the main street and now there are only two parties to the main square and two more down the road.

He is currently the main space of many events and festivals such as St. John, Aquelarre or the Festival, among others.


Corners Cervera