City Cervera


The tradition of Catalan cuisine interior

The gastronomy of the city of Cervera is marked by the environment, based production agricultural, and the tradition of the Catalan kitchen interior. With dishes predominate such as rabbit hunting, partridge, boar and snails. In addition you can also find a variety of pork products, are sausages, secallona or sausages, because today there are still houses that are killing. These products can be found in small artisan establishments that manufacture sausage.

In the section of’vegetables and fruits, markets is very common to find fresh produce picked straight from the garden by local farmers. Of the region, as generally Lleida, include the snails. Another element would be the culinary highlight Panadons, empanadas stuffed with spinach and pine nuts. The Coca Recapteit is also typical, is made of a thin paste on top where there are different vegetables, as peppers or eggplant, Combined with herring or salami.

As there own products highlight:

  • the Aromas of the Segarra: Liquor stomach based on rudder (thyme) produced in Cervera. Tea a pleasant taste, digestive stimulant.
  • Port of Dragons: First Geneva i first Vodka “Premium” distilled in our country, galardonats have on certain occasions.
  • The Cookies Bell
  • Lis Savines: Cookies almond powder and sugar.