Fair Bread and Cereal 2024 will include products suitable for celiacs

Fair Bread and Cereal 2024 will include products suitable for celiacs

the contest, which will take place in the days 18 i 19 May, it was presented in a press conference by the father in chief, Jan Pomés; the first deputy mayor and councilor for Culture, Ramon Augé; and the Councilor for Economic Promotion, Fairs and Markets, Raimond Fusté.

The chief paer, Jan Pomés, ha destacat “l’organització d’una Fira més integradora, with the introduction of gluten-free preparations". He added that "it is one of the distinguishing features of this year and that it will be promoted more strongly in the coming editions".

The Councilor for Economic Promotion, Fairs and Markets, Raimond Fusté, has presented the program of the Fair, which organizes more than 20 activities at the weekend and a dozen in the days before, including the celebration of Sant Isidre's Day. He highlighted "the guided tours and the tourist and cultural activities at the Union" and "the novelty of a hot air balloon, which will offer free captive flights for groups of 8 people in Plaça del Syndicat".

The stands will be located in Plaça Universitat, where will it be 30 parades, one of which gluten-free products.

A tourist train will link the fair grounds, with a stop in front of the church of Sant Antoni, with Plaça del Sindicat and the Tourist Reception Centre.

The 1st deputy mayor and councilor for Culture, Ramon Augé, he recalled "the importance of the Fair for Cervera and the region". He highlighted "the desire to recover the peasant and granary essence of Catalonia, which is La Segarra, perquè la Fira esdevingui referent nacional del blat i la farina”.

Programa d’actes de la Fira del Pa i el Cereal – 78a Fira de Sant Isidre.

The Casal de Cervera hosts for six days the 48 best pool players in the world

The Casal de Cervera hosts for six days the 48 best pool players in the world

For the first time in history, the three finals of the European Classic Billiards Championships (banda, painting 47/2 and box 71/2) they are played in the same city, Cervera, where the Casal hosts the Tuesday meetings 30 from April to Sunday 5 May.

The finals will take them to Segarra 48 best pool players in the world. In each of the competitions, the fifteen players who have the best European ranking participate, and a player invited by the organizing federation. Tarragona player Antoni Gutiérrez will be playing on the wing, and in the two paintings, Centelles billiards player Esteve Mata. It is worth noting that in the modality in the band, the current European champion is Raúl Cuenca from Valencia, that the Spanish Championship was already awarded in Cervera last year.

The finals will be played by the four-player tie system, of which two advance to the next round. The games will be played from 9.30 until 22 hours and the arbitration and organization is handled by Casal de Cervera, which will allocate its more than 30 players in preparation for the finals.
The entrance to the facilities·locations of the Casal, which has a capacity to 150 viewers, is free.

According to Casal's sports director, Sergio Garriga, "the organization has also taken care of finding accommodation for the participants".
The president of the club, Joseph Planes, describes the assembly as "one of the most important sporting challenges of this entity, than for his career, five European and one world, has gained the trust of the European federation".

The opening ceremony will be held on Tuesday 30 d'abril, them 11.30 hours, and the closure, Sunday 5 May, them 18 hours, at the end of the last of the finals.

Information and image provided by Xavi Santesmasses (Billiard section of Casal de Cervera).


All ready for a new edition of the Cervera Easter Festival

All ready for a new edition of the Cervera Easter Festival

The city has already prepared the spaces that, of the 21 al 30 March, they will host the concerts and the various parallel activities·leles of the 14th Easter Festival, the contest dedicated to Catalan classical music.

This year it has been scheduled 10 different musical productions that are specified in a total of 14 concerts. Catalan musical traditions and the fact of giving prominence to our country's composers and performers, will be the main axes of the programming. This way, the Festival will focus on two personalities of our music: the composers Ricard Lamote de Grignon (125th anniversary of his birth) and very especially Josep Valls i Royo (25th anniversary of his death), exiled to France on 1939 and that he never lived in Catalonia again.

An extensive and varied program with great concerts

Like every year, the Festival divides the programming in two consecutive weeks.

In the first week, three concerts have been scheduled. The Festival will start on 21 of March with the traditional school concert, which will be in charge of LleidArt Ensemble with "The adventures of the Bol and the Ling". As stated by Jordi Armengol, artistic director of the Festival, this performance "wants to bring music closer to the little ones and make them the new audience of the festival of the future".

The inaugural concert will take place on Saturday 23 March, the Auditorium of the University, with the Julià Carbonell Symphonic Orchestra of the Lands of Lleida directed by Salvador Brotons. Francesc Andreví's "Symphony in full orchestra"., Segarenc composer born on 1786, will open a concert where the Festival will have the privilege of once again enjoying the visit of Salvador Brotons, one of the most recognized composers and directors. Will complete the program, a rereading of Lamote de Grignon on Father Antoni Soler, a premiere work by Marc Migó and "Symphony n.3" by Brotons himself, work full of contrasts, colors and expressiveness.

The next day, 24 March, the percussionist Núria Andorrà will surprise us with her show "Nu.A". It is a hypnotic and interdisciplinary show where Núria seeks to get closer to her origins by using family bones as percussion instruments, slates from the Lleida Pyrenees and ceramics from Verdú.

The following week, will resume with a new concert on Thursday 28 March. It will be in charge of Arnau Tomàs (cello) and Mercè Hervada (Pianist) and will be dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the death of Josep Valls i Royo.

Friday, 29 March, this year's local concerts will be premiered. These are short performances that take place in spaces in the old town of Cervera and that are repeated 2 cops (a session at 11,30 hours and the other at 13 hours). This way, the public can attend both musical productions (first one and then the other, in the order you prefer). The Municipal Auditorium will host Albert Guinovart's concert with "El piano català. Three different poetics". At the same times, but at Casa Sabater on Carrer Major, Blooming Duo will present "New sounds for tradition". To close the day on Friday, the evening concert will be performed by the National Youth Choir of Catalonia directed by Mireia Barrera with "The wealth of Catalan choral music".

Saturday, 30 March, it will be the last day of the Festival and it will also start with local concerts. The Auditorium will host "Resonances of silence" with Sílvia Vidal (piano) and Ramon Humet (bol tibetan, quartz bowls and gong). In the same hours, in other words that is, them 11,30 and the 13 hours, but in the Church of Sant Joan, the Dichos Diabolos will bring us closer to “Nigra Sum. Music for the Virgin of Montserrat”.

To close the day and also this year's Festival, the Paranimf will host an evening concert directed by Xavier Puig with Marta Bonet (soprano), Martha Infante, (mezzo-soprano), David Alegret (tenor), Jordi Serrano (baritone), the Chamber Choir of the Enric Granados Auditorium in Lleida and the Terrassa Orchestra 48. The concert will be dedicated to "Francesc Andreví and Ramon Carnicer: two people from Lleida in Madrid".

Parallel activities·leles will complete this year's programming

In addition to the musical program, the Festival will also host several parallel activities·leles. Of the 22 al 30 in March you can see the exhibition "Alícia de Larrocha, 1923-2023”. The exhibition is curated by his daughter, Alicia Torra de Larrocha.

Friday, 22 March, the screening of the documentary “Revolutionary Quartet. The Gerhard enigma” directed by Josep Badell and Xavier Bosch.

The next day, Saturday, 23 March, Raul Garrigasait (writer and hel·lenist) will lead the conference: “It’s Gerhard, the two paths of modernity".

Wednesday, 27 March, the Concert will take place - presentation of the book "La viola tenor Parramon" with Emmanuel Balssa (viola tenor), Daniel Blanch (piano), Jordi Pinto (author of the book), Pere-Andreu Jariod (journalist and music popularizer).

I, finally, Friday 29 March, the documentary "Les mans d'Alícia" will be shown, an audiovisual work about Alicia de Larrocha and directed by Verònica Font and Yolanda Olmos.

Remember that all these activities will be free.

Advance tickets for this year's Festival are now on sale

The advance ticket sales system for this 14th edition has already been activated. All those interested in Catalan classical music who want to enjoy the 14 concerts scheduled in this year's contest, they can now purchase their seats through the web: festivalpasqua.cat

As usual, and to reward early adopters, advance tickets enjoy a 20% discount. In the evening concerts, it happens from 18 euros from the box office, as 14 euros if the advance purchase is made online. As usual, tickets for the morning concerts can be purchased in advance for only 6 euros.

The Festival extends its policy of discounts and advantages with new subscriptions

In each edition, new forms of discounts and advantages are implemented to bring Catalan classical music to an even wider audience. This year, subscriptions and bonuses are extended.

This way, those interested in attending more than one concert can choose to purchase a pass that will allow them to see all the concerts in the event for just 70 euros, which supposes a 40% discount. There are also specific tickets to enjoy the evening concerts for only 55 euros. Local concerts also have their own subscription, which allows you to enjoy two different concerts for yourself 10 euros.

The Festival also continues with the agreements with various entities and organizations such as the Carnet Jove, the TRESC Club and various media, others, to offer discounts among its subscribers.

They also enjoy significant bonuses in col·"Appropa Cultura" class, the majors of 65 years and single-parent and/or large families. The different discount options (early entry or through these rebates with media entities or subscribers) they are not cumulative with each other.

Impulse to bring classical music closer to young people

With the desire to bring Catalan classical music to all levels of society, the Easter Festival also follows a special focus on the young. For this reason, the evening concerts will have a price of only 6 euros for minors 18 years and of 2 euros in the case of morning concerts.

The Easter Festival, organized by the Town Council of Cervera, is a meeting point for the sector of classical music in Catalonia and a showcase of classical music in Catalonia.

Cervera has everything ready for a new edition of the Passion

Cervera has everything ready for a new edition of the Passion

La Passió de Cervera premieres a new season next Sunday 17 of March of 2024. Among the novelties this year, the expansion of the artistic direction stands out, the renewal of the scenes of the third act to gain more rhythm, and the improvement and modernization of the il·lighting.

Last weekend he held the dress rehearsal to have everything ready for the start of a new season, which has several novelties.

Like every year, the La Passió team is working hard to implement improvements and this year has focused on continuing to gain dynamism and spectacularity, in a classic work of such magnitude and historical relevance.

For this reason, this 2024 the artistic direction is expanded with 5 members: Tate Bonjoch joins, Jaume Mercadé and Jaume Rossich, who join Gemma Palà and Mariona Dalmases. This way, the various directors will distribute functions in the artistic and technical section to be able to give more detail to the scenes in all scenic areas.

Another key point of this edition is the commitment to renew and improve a large amount of technical material, especially regarding the il·lighting.

New characters will also be added and work is being done on revitalizing the third part of the play. In this way, since two years ago, The management of La Passió has made an effort to give more dynamism to the performance and significant renovations and improvements have already been made in the first and second parts. now, work is already underway on the third and last to leave the entire function completed and modernized.

Advance tickets are now available

Advance tickets can be purchased through the official website (www.lapassiodecervera.com). The representations of 2024 they start the 17 of March and there will also be functions on the days 23 i 29 after the pandemic shutdown 6, 13 i 20 d'April 2024.

The Passion of Cervera is one of the most crowded and oldest performances in Catalonia, since its history goes back to the year 1477, After a two-year stoppage due to the pandemic. The Passion counts in its performances with a large number of actors and actresses who bring the different characters to life and who, total, comes to mobilize more than 300 people between artistic and technical team.

The Passion of Cervera, a European benchmark

"The functions are adapted to the new ways of seeing culture in the 21st century, "The functions are adapted to the new ways of seeing culture in the 21st century 1477. "The functions are adapted to the new ways of seeing culture in the 21st century, l’any 1969, the performances of La Passió de Cervera were declared of public interest.

Information and image provided by the Patronat de la Passion.

Commemoration of International Women

Commemoration of International Women's Day in Cervera

The Paeria de Cervera organizes different activities, between days 4 i 15 March, with the aim of giving visibility to women and claiming gender equality.

The starting shot will beexhibition "Mercè Pàniker and Alemany. A life of entrepreneurship and feminism", which can be visited from 4 al 15 of March in the lobby of the Paeria.
Thank you Paniker (Barcelona, 1920 – 2012) she was a pioneer in Catalonia as a businesswoman and defender of women's rights.

This year, un dels actes destacats és la cantata “Dona la note – equal people”, with the participation of students from the three schools of Cervera.
The initiative, which starts from an educational project of the Pau Casals Learning Camp, aims to assess the importance of music in the education of children. Invite the students to go out and sing in the squares to make their voices heard. This time, to claim gender equality.
To Cervera, the cantata will be performed on Friday 8 March, them 11 hours, in the main square. It will be in charge of more than a hundred 3rd grade students from the three schools in the city.

Act followed, them 12 hours, hi haurà la reading the manifesto amb motiu del 8M. It will be in charge of the father in chief, Jan Pomés, and the Councilor for Equality, Judit Guim.

L’Espai Jove el Racó organitza la Late Lilac, from 17 a 19 hours, which foresees participatory activities, workshops, games, music and a shared snack. The initiative aims to celebrate and recognize the diversity and contributions of women.

In addition to the planned actions on Friday 8 March, other proposals have been organized the days before and after.

On Thursday 7 hi haurà sports activities, open to all citizens and free of charge, at CEM Cervera; on Saturday 9, the roundtable “Dones amb empenta”, at CEI Cervera, where women entrepreneurs will explain their experiences; and Sunday 10, the guided tour “Dones tan importants com desconegudes”, by the interpreter of the Cerver heritage Laia Pipó.

This year, as a novelty, en aquestes tres activitats s’oferirà un care service. It is a babysitting service for children from 3 a 12 years free, by qualified professionals. It aims to facilitate the participation of families in the activities, especially women, to whom the care work is mostly attributed.

Les inscripcions al servei es poden formalitzar a través del following form.

The Paeria de Cervera aims to encourage participation in all activities and invites the public to attend and make the demands of the 8M their own.

According to the Councilor for Equality, Judit Guim, "it is essential to make the contributions and work of women visible on 8M and the rest of the year, to be able to reach a more egalitarian society. As an institution, our obligation is to fight against oppression and inequality".

Consulteu el cartell amb la La Tal Company will offer the show “Carilló”.