“Cervera is committed to culture with the 10th Easter Festival”

“Cervera is committed to culture with the 10th Easter Festival”

The Councilor for Culture, Mercè Carulla, values ​​the start of the Easter Festival very positively, a commitment of the Paeria de Cervera to support the cultural sector.

“In the middle of a partial confinement, with curfew, suspension of cultural events with the public, among other suspensions, for the health measures that need to be taken because of the global pandemic we are experiencing, the Paeria de Cervera wanted to bet on supporting culture and giving an economic boost to the professionals who live in it.

This past weekend we inaugurated the 10th edition of the Cervera Easter Festival in an atypical format, but which has been very well received by the population. A digital format, by Lleida TV and also streaming on the website of Lleida TV and the Festival itself, with spectacular audience data that makes us congratulate ourselves.

We must remember that the Festival is a strategic festival of Catalan classical music, recognized by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat as such, and this is thanks to the efforts of all the people who have worked there to this day. Xavier Puig, apparently of the Festival, he had the brilliant idea of ​​thinking that in Catalonia an event was needed where Catalan music and composers were recognized, often forgotten or blurred, and which has not been given the importance it deserves by the mere fact of being at home. Therefore, he 2010 the first edition began with a magnificent festival that was very successful in its first year, to this day.

In the coming days the foundations will be laid for the new artistic direction with a view to the years 2021-2024, in the same way that those of communication and production will do, a way to make transparent that the new government of the Paeria we want to be the one that prevails in the hirings. Therefore, We hope that the Festival of 2021 is of the same quality as this year and has the same or better reception from the people who will enjoy it.

This coming weekend we will continue to program culture and get it to every corner of every home, with the Ginesta Choir, the Cobla de Cambra de Catalunya, Mireia Pintó i Vladislav Bronevetzky, i Alba Ventura.
We hope you enjoy it and enjoy it.”

Mercè Carulla Castells
Councilor for Culture of the Paeria de Cervera

Cervera, 16 of November 2020

Everything is ready for the 10th edition of the Easter Festival

Everything is ready for the 10th edition of the Easter Festival

The leading contest of Catalan classical music program 8 concerts, of the 14 al 22 November, which can be watched live by streaming through the festivalpasqua.cat website.

Link to the programming of the 10th Easter Festival.

The Paeria de Cervera already has everything ready to celebrate, for the tenth consecutive year, the now traditional Easter Festival. The leading Catalan classical music contest has changed dates this year from April to November due to the pandemic caused by Covid 19.

Of the 14 al 22 of November will be able to be seen 8 different concerts and most of them will be absolute premieres or concerts designed especially to be performed as part of this festival. Another highlight of this edition is that the concerts will be broadcast by streaming live from the Festival website (festivalpasqua.cat) and there will be no audience, due to the new restrictions of the Generalitat to fight the pandemic.

The Festival will begin with a performance by Ilerda Antiqua on Saturday, 14 November, at 11.30 am with “The Cervera Manuscript”. A concert where you can discover unique musical pieces discovered in the Arxiu Comarcal de la Segarra.

Later, them 20 hours, the concert to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Easter Festival will take place. He will be in charge of the Catalan Chamber Orchestra and the Jove Projecte Orquestral, in a production that wants to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the Pau Casals Orchestra. Both groups are led by the artistic director of the Festival, Josep Maria Sauret, and will also participate as a soloist, Carla conangla, recent winner of the Pau Casals International Award for young cello·lists granted by the Pau Casals Foundation.

The next day, Sunday, 15 November at 11:30 a.m., the young talents of the Liceu Conservatory of Barcelona will take over the Festival. The saxophone quartet, Delia Quartet, they will offer us a concert with works by Salleras, Albéniz and Serra.

The day will end with a concert by the Julià Carbonell Symphony Orchestra of the Terres de Lleida at 19 hours. It will be the absolute premiere of his new production, “Dances of the Segre”, with works by Juan Francisco Ruiz and Rafael Moreno,

The Festival will last until the following weekend with four more musical productions. Friday, 20 from November to 20 hours, the Coral Ginesta will offer us a concert entitled “Sacred and Profane. Motets by Pau Casals and ‘El Mirador’ by Josep Vila ”.

Saturday, 21 November, them 12 hours, the prestigious mezzo-soprano, Mireia Painted, accompanied by the pianist, Vladislav Bronevetzky, will commemorate the anniversary of two emblematic figures in Catalan culture: the 125th anniversary of the birth of the composer Eduard Toldrà and the 50th anniversary of the death of the poet Josep Carner. The concert will be paired with a poetry recital and the reading of letters by Carner by one of the most renowned Catalan actresses on the stage., Sílvia Bel.

Later, them 20 hours, the Cobla de Cambra de Catalunya, directed by Jesús Ventura and with introductions by Josep Maria Serracant, they will perform the complete sardanas of Pau Casals. A concert of special historical importance as it will be the first time that a cobla will perform the sardanas composed by Casals.

Finally, the Cervera Easter Festival will culminate on Sunday, 22 November, with a concert by the prestigious pianist Alba Ventura, with the Notebooks of the Iberian Suite by Albéniz, masterpiece of the universal piano repertoire.

Adapting to new measures to combat the Covid pandemic 19, the Paeria de Cervera has wanted to take a step forward and protect a good declared essential as culture by organizing this year the traditional Easter Festival. The solution for its continuity in this edition has been to do the concerts online and without public and that way, everyone has access to Catalan classical music concerts. The Paeria’s commitment is not only focused on the public being able to experience the best Catalan classical music concerts, but “there is also the firm will of the various artists involved, they can continue to work and show their art to their audience ”. For the Paeria, “The protection of artists and their work is an inalienable task and, in this time of pandemic, public institutions must also stand by one of the most sensitive sectors. ”.

The Easter Festival, organized by the Town Council of Cervera, is a meeting point for the sector of classical music in Catalonia and a showcase of classical music in Catalonia.

The Cervera Conservatory presents an exhibition on Beethoven and Clementi

The Cervera Conservatory presents an exhibition on Beethoven and Clementi

Monday 9 in November the exhibition “Beethoven and its confluences. The relationship with M. Clementi and the evolution of the piano”, organized by the Conservatory of Cervera, as an extraordinary activity on the occasion of the celebration of Santa Cecília.

Arrived in November and therefore in the celebration of Santa Cecília, patron saint of music, extraordinary activities are carried out every year. This year, despite the socio-sanitary situation, we did not want to stop doing some of them from the Conservatory. And thanks to the encouragement of several teachers, led by Xavier Balcells, Monday 9 in November a small exhibition was inaugurated, on the capital figure of L.V.. Beethoven, of whom this year the 250 birthday.

Joan Josep Gutiérrez was present at the inauguration, -the curator of an exhibition relating the figure of Beethoven and Clementi to the Museum of Music in 2019-, and with that of the paer in head, Joan Santacana.

The exhibition, entitled “Beethoven and its confluences. The relationship with M. Clementi and the evolution of the piano ", will be located in the Municipal Auditorium until 15 January. You can find content about these composers and also about the history and evolution of the piano. To be able to visit it, you must make an appointment at: direccioconservatori@cerverapaeria.cat

The exhibition has the support of the Muzio Clementi Association of Barcelona and shows us a journey through the life and work of someone who is considered the forerunner of the first generation of professional pianists after the latest research.: Clementi. We can see a first area dedicated to him as a man, one second, related to the entrepreneurial facet of the composer, as well as a brief explanation of the history of the piano since its invention. And the third area is dedicated to the nexus between Clement and Beethoven. This connection is explained in three specific ways: the influence of musical and piano language, the editorial relationship and the link.

Clement's sonatas influenced and were an important precedent for the development of Beethoven's musical language. Clementi, in addition to musician, he was a publisher in London. Beethoven's work was spread throughout the Anglo-Saxon world, largely, to the publishing contracts that Clementi established with him exclusively. Likewise, dirigí moltes obres simfòniques del geni de Bonn amb la ‎Philharmonic Society de Londres, institution that he founded with other musicians and that was the one that would order the composition of the Ninth Symphony.

So in the exhibition we can explore the world of two interconnected composers, which passed in parallel·lel to the history of the piano. And we will also find other interesting materials by Beethoven: partitures, discs, cd ’s- and col·lectionism — like some col·stamp lessons.

Information and image provided by the Conservatory of Cervera.

Cervera, 10 of November 2020.

Winners in Cervera of the "Buy and win" campaign

Winners in Cervera of the "Buy and win" campaign

Tuesday 3 in November, the prizes for the “Buy and Win” campaign were held in Cervera, in what 31 people and a beer trade have gained tourist experiences in the other Catalan municipalities participating in the campaign.

The draw took place in the Auditorium of the Center for Innovative Companies, by the Councilor for Economic Promotion and Tourism, Mercè Carulla, and a member of the Board of the Cervera Merchants Association, Núria Duran, who have drawn the winning tickets from a ballot box.

They have won a total of 31 people, which they had bought during the month of October in one of the 31 city ​​establishments adhering to the campaign, and one of the participating businesses.

Check out the list of award winners at this link. The Department of Economic Promotion will contact all the winners to give them the prize.

The campaign to support small businesses and territorial promotion "Buy and earn", organized by the Network of neighborhoods with projects, of which the Paeria de Cervera is part, this year it took place in October and has expanded to shops in all neighborhoods of the city, with the help·collaboration of the Cervera Merchants Association.

The participating municipalities on 2020 they are: Argentona, Balaguer, Besalú, Cabrera de Mar, Calaf, Cardona, Centelles, Cervera, Cervià de les Garrigues, El Vendrell, Falset, Juneda, La Selva del Camp, Les Borges Blanques, L’Arboç, L’Espluga de Francolí, Lleida, Manresa, Mediona, Having wheel, Sallent, Sant Feliu de Codines, San Hipolito de Voltrega, Sant Martí de Tous, San Quentin Mediona, Santa Coloma, Torello, Tortosa, Tremp, Ulldecona Vilanova del Camino.

People from these towns who have had a tourist experience in Cervera will enjoy the days 15 The 16 May 2021, coinciding with the Bread Fair. The Paeria de Cervera will offer them an audiovisual projection on the birth of the Generalitat in the CAT, a theatrical visit to the University, a lunch for two and a batch of products.

New action to support the Paeria de Cervera in the city

New action to support the Paeria de Cervera in the city's commercial and restaurant establishments

The Department of Economic Promotion of the Paeria has developed a directory listing the restaurants that offer collection at the premises and / or home delivery service and the commercial establishments that distribute at home.

The directory has been created with the aim of highlighting local trade and services and being able to help them overcome the difficult situation they are going through due to the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic..

Includes information from 12 catering establishments and 18 shops: opening hours to the public, el telèfon de contacte i els serveis que ofereixen. Es pot consultar a la pàgina web municipal www.cerverapaeria.cat (downloading it from this link) i també es difon a través de les xarxes socials de la Paeria.

If any establishment wants to be added to the list, You can request it by sending an email to cei@cerverapaeria.cat.

According to the Councilor for Economic Promotion, Mercè Carulla, “The intention is to facilitate, to our citizens, the purchase and acquisition of products and prepared meals in the same municipality, and also to help the establishments of Cervera to overcome this difficult situation ”.

Cervera presents the 10th Easter Festival

Cervera presents the 10th Easter Festival

The Easter Festival of Catalan classical music, which reaches its 10th edition, rescheduled for November, between days 14 i 22, when he will offer 8 productions in two spaces: the University Auditorium and the Municipal Auditorium.

The Festival had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The organization of the event, the Town Council of Cervera, it continues to bet on it and will take place in November, coinciding with the dates of celebration of Santa Cecília, patron saint of music.

Musical performances will be concentrated in two spaces: the Municipal Auditorium and the University Auditorium, which will reduce capacity to 50%, with 60 i 140 localities respectively, and all existing health measures will be taken.

Presentation of the Festival

The University Auditorium has hosted the presentation of the 10th edition of the contest, Tuesday 20 October, in an act addressed to the media that has been in charge of the paer in chief, Joan Santacana; Councilwoman of Culture, Mercè Carulla; and the Festival Director, Josep M. Sauret. Abans de les seves intervencions, a brief performance by Delia Quartet took place, saxophone quartet from the Liceu Conservatory that will take part in the Easter Festival.

The chief paer, Joan Santacana, he highlighted “the work of Xavier Puig, founder and first director of the Festival, who organized it because he believed that the Catalan music sector needed cohesion, projection, dialogue and landscape ”. According to Santacana, "We can say that this goal has been achieved and that the Festival has been consolidated, reaching its 10th edition this year".

Mercè Carulla, Councilor for Culture, he stated that “it is necessary to program cultural activities and that the Paeria de Cervera is committed to it, as demonstrated this summer with the organization of the Festiuada, the Isagoge and the Festa Major ”. "Culture is safe and the Easter Festival will also take all health measures". Finally, he emphasized “the importance of the beer contest, which has the qualification of strategic by the Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises (ICEC) the Government, that contribute 40.000 euros (he 50% of the budget)”.

The Festival Director, Josep M. Sauret, has presented the programming of the 10th edition, which joins the commemoration of the Centenary of the Pau Casals Orchestra and also the commemorations of Eduard Toldrà, And Robert Gerhard Josep Carner. Sauret ha “agraït la feina de les institucions i persones que han fet possible la reprogramació del Festival i també la bona predisposició dels artistes participants”.

Programming of the 10th Easter Festival

The opening concert will be on Saturday 14 of November and will serve to celebrate the 10 years of the contest. It will be conducted by the Catalan Chamber Orchestra, with the direction of Josep Pàmies. It will review the legacy of Pau Casals and serve to pay tribute to his musical and social heritage. This is a production of the festival where he will also perform as a soloist, Carla conangla.
Sunday 15 the ‘Danses del Segre’ concert has been scheduled, with the Julià Carbonell Symphony Orchestra, a concert that will evoke images of the course of the river Segre, from its birth in the Pyrenees to ending up in the plain of Lleida.
Friday 20 “Sacred and Profane” arrives, a concert that will consist of a selection of motets by Pau Casals, by the Ginesta Choir and Marc Castellà (piano).
Saturday 21, “The integral of the sardanas of Pau Casals”, a càrrec de la Cobla de Cambra de Catalunya, than for the first time at a public hearing, will perform the work of compiling the sardanas of Casals.
Also on Saturday 21 there will be a pairing of wines with the music of Toldrà and poems by Carner.
Sunday 22 November will be the turn of a recital by Alba Ventura, who will present the Notebooks of the “Iberian Suite” by Albéniz.
As for local concerts, they will be the 14 November, with the “Manuscript of Cervera”, where you can discover these unique documents found in the Regional Archive of La Segarra; and the 15 November, amb els Joves Talents del Liceu, a saxophone quartet.

More information and ticket sales on the Festival website: www.festivalpasqua.cat