The Quartet and soprano Prysma Iolanda Dolcet bring opera to the concert cycle autumn Cervera

The Quartet and soprano Prysma Iolanda Dolcet bring opera to the concert cycle autumn Cervera

Sunday 10 November, Iolanda and Dolcet Prysma Quartet will delight us with a concert designed to bring the great moments in the history of opera to all audiences.

We hear, from Mozart's Magic Flute Overture through the arias as "Voi che sapeete", The “Batti, Batti, o bell Maestro”-, Opening of the popular Barber of Seville by Rossini, la suite de "Carmen" de Bizet, or well-known arias such as "Casta Diva" from Bellini and Puccini - "If, I chiamamo Mimi”, “The Mio Babbino Caro”…

The Quartet, composed of the violinist Joan Sancho Prysma, el violista Eduard Boleda, cello·Marta Cervera list Llona and Grau born flutist Xesco 2005 and is composed of musicians holders Symphony Orchestra Julian Carbonell of Lleida, with an established track record in the field of interpretation. In the educational field to carry out their work Conservatories Professional Degree of Lleida Cervera. They performed in several concerts and festivals and since 2018 also part of the project “Zoom Culture” with the aim of integrating co·groups at risk of social exclusion.

Bars and soprano Yolanda Dolcet conducted studies piano and singing at the Conservatory of Lleida, obtaining the professional title of this specialty with the tenor Jove Francisco and later he studied singing with superior Mireia Pinto and Marta Infante. He has performed many concerts and has a degree in Art History from the University of Lleida in History and Science of Music from the University of Logroño. At present realizes his doctoral studies at the University of Lleida, where he is also a teacher.

The concert will take place at the Municipal Auditorium Cervera, them 7 in the afternoon, and in the Fall Concert Series.

Information and image provided by Santi River (Friends of Music of Cervera).

Cervera big party to honor the world champions motorcycling Alex and Marc Márquez

Cervera big party to honor the world champions motorcycling Alex and Marc Márquez

Saturday 9 November Cervera held the parade of champions, with a big party in the city center to honor the brothers Álex Márquez, Moto2 World Champion, i Marc Márquez, MotoGP World Champion.

At the 17 hours scheduled a press conference of the two drivers in the University Auditorium. Fans can follow the event through a screen facility·installed in University Square.

At the 17.30 hours scheduled musical performance in Plaza Pius XII.

The festive parade will begin at 19 hours, with the departure of the truck from the building of the University and a journey to Plaça Pius XII through the Plaza San Miguel, Santa Ana street and boulevard Louis Sanpere.

On arrival in Piazza Pio XII, them 20 hours, Alex and Marc Márquez will take the stage from where the world championships held fans.

The event can be followed from all Pius XII Square and University Square through screens.


Times special visit to the exhibition "I'm 93 Marc Márquez"
The exhibition space dedicated to pilot Cervera world champion and extended visiting hours Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10. Friday will be open from 11 am to 14 and 18 a 20 hours; Saturday, d’11 a 20 hours; and Sunday, from 10 a 14 hours. The exhibition at the Regional Museum (Main street, 115).

The big day of the festive beasts Catalan Cervera to be held on Saturday 16 November

The big day of the festive beasts Catalan Cervera to be held on Saturday 16 November

Grouping of Festive Bestiary Popular Catalonia and organizes Cervera festivitas bestiarum, on Saturday 16 November afternoon presents three acts, open to everyone: parade, a gala awards ceremony and lighting of brilliance over ten animals from around the country.

four dragons, a wheat, and a phoenix, even, a chimera. All these beasts and dance on the streets of Cervera 16 November in celebration of the great feast of festive beasts: tl Fettivitat Animals.

Seven awards in broadcasting beast

What has been the best event that has been organized with beasts year? What have been the most powerful communication initiatives? As its name suggests in English, Awards "BEST" award best practices carried out last year to maintain and spread the festive beasts.

Total, Saturday 16 November delivered Sept. awards have previously been appointed by a jury. Four of them distinguish a public, entity, initiative and communication company for his contribution to popular culture. The other three awards will fall into three associations that 2019 have organized an event remarkable.

The gala, in this sixth edition will be presented by comedian Peyu, begin at half past seven in the evening in the auditorium of the University of Cervera.

All persons wishing to attend must send an application·application on the following link:

A party full of fireworks

Cada any, in late November, Beasts of the Association is preparing a major celebration to close the season strong acts of popular culture. The conference called festivitas bestiarum and each edition is organized in the city designated Capital of Catalan Culture. To date, Besides, often coincides with the celebration of the European Day of Festive Bestiary, held every 24 November.

Next Saturday 16 November more than ten beasts around Catalonia will visit the historical center of Cervera. At half past four in the afternoon there will be planted with figures of beasts in the main square. Later, the five, start a parade and fireworks that tranquil beasts through the streets Mayor and Santa Ana Square and end at University.

To finish, from eight o'clock, after the Awards Gala "BEST", there will be a dance of power and brilliance that will be borne by the participating groups. These are: Dragon onions Montornès del Vallès, Chimera Godra Caldes de Montbui, Dragon Quintifoc San Quentin Mediona, the Garot of Arboç, Dragon Kalium Cardona, He Wheat Tarragona, Phoenix Poblenou, Dragon of Vilafranca, Nicaseta Catllar and the beasts of the Devils Carranquers Cervera.

these, to be the local group, col·Beasts of work with the Association in the organization of the festival, as the Town Council of Cervera.

Program of events:

15.30 h: Planted figures of beasts in the main square.

17.00 h: Parade and fireworks tranquil beasts from square to square University, through the streets Mayor and Santa Ana.

18.30 h: Animals gala Fettivitat. BEST Awards (free entrance) the Auditorium of the University.

20.00 h: Complimentary Lluïments and refrigerate for attending the University Square.

Information and poster contributed by the Association of Festive Bestiary and Popular Catalonia.

Cervera increase in visitors to the bridge of All Saints

Cervera increase in visitors to the bridge of All Saints

The Tourist Welcome Center estimated that half thousand people have visited Cervera weekend, between Friday 1 and Sunday 3 November, coinciding with the feast of All Saints.

According to the control of activity of the Tourist Welcome Center, were dealt 197 people, he counted the stay 31 Take the car and visit the University had dramatized 65 attendees, which represents a considerable increase compared to the data of the same period last year 2018 (111 people attended the CAT 50 attending the theatrical tour).

El Centre d’Acollida Turística fa una valoració molt positiva de l’augment de visitants a la ciutat. During the weekend offered diferents propostes per conèixer Cervera i el seu patrimoni com les ja consolidades visites guiades dels dissabtes al matí als edificis de la Universitat i l’església de Santa Maria; la possibilitat de reservar un itinerari per la ciutat amb un guia i en diferents idiomes; and the last part of the dramatized visits this season. A més el visitant va poder completar la seva estada amb visites com la que ofereix el Museu de Cervera a la Casa Duran, the exhibition "Craftsmen Baroque" at the University and the exhibition dedicated to the Marquez brothers.

Álex Márquez Moto2 World Champion

Álex Márquez Moto2 World Champion

The pilot Cerverí Álex Márquez is the new world champion in Moto2, thanks to a flawless performance in the Malaysian Grand Prix, where he finished in second place, After a tough battle with rivals for the title, Brad Binder i Thomas Lüthi.

Accounts that came with second place, just behind Binder, which leads to 28 punts, when only one race dispute. This way, Álex Márquez secured, to theirs 23 years, his second World Championship, Moto3 title after he won the 2014.

Alex Marquez:
“I am very, Very happy. Thanks to the team because he has done a great job. They have given me confidence all season, but especially this weekend, because we were racing where we suffered a lot. Today's race was also very hard and very difficult as there was in play, and we have managed in the best way. All I can say is that I am very happy. I'm living a dream and I want to enjoy this moment with all my team. The race was difficult because from the first lap I had problems with the front wheel to control the edge of the asphalt, I managed well because Lüthi pressed hard from behind. Despite what has been complicated, We had a great race and I'm very happy for the result and for the championship “.

Information extracted from the image and Álex Márquez Fan Club 73.

Activities at All Saints Cemetery Cervera

Activities at All Saints Cemetery Cervera

The town council rearranges the cemetery of Cervera activities with the aim of making the site more friendly visit: workshops for children, musical performances of students and teachers at the Conservatory, choral singing with the choir Lacetània, sales service exhibition of flowers and old tombstones.

The organization Service Support Dol West is once again in the cemetery of Cervera with information point. Besides, organize workshops and activities for children.

New this year will be a performance by the choir Lacetània Cervera, will offer a concert of choral singing 13.30 them 14 hours.

On the other band, this time the Town Council extends the opening hours of the cemetery. Of the 19 October to 3 November is open 9 a 19 hours, uninterruptedly.

Mass of the day 2 November in memory of the deceased will be at 12 hours cemetery (in case of rain will move to the church of San Antonio at the same time).