Tickets to follow the Mascle Cabró show from the Casa d

Tickets to follow the Mascle Cabró show from the Casa d'Estiu are on sale

If you want to follow the Mascle Cabró show in Cal Racó from a privileged position, know that tickets to access the Summer House have already gone on sale. This space allows you to attend the central event of Aquelarre and the different highlights of the party in a unique and comfortable location.

You can purchase tickets through this link:

The Gran Boc Fair is changing spaces and will have a record number of 85 stops during the Aquelarre weekend

The Gran Boc Fair is changing spaces and will have a record number of 85 stops during the Aquelarre weekend

The Gran Boc Fair changes spaces and adapts to the works that are being carried out this summer at the University of Cervera. the contest, with a trajectory of 23 years, is one of the reference quotes of esotericism, tarot and palmistry in the country, and will return to the streets of Cervera on the weekend of Aquelarre with a record number of 85 parades.

The esotericism stalls will keep their space in the courtyard of the university campus, while workshops and conferences will continue to take place inside the university. The public can register for the workshops through the information points of the fair with a fun offer that will have the presence of recognized figures, as is the case of the journalist Sebastià d'Arbó. Other media personalities such as Imma del Destí will also participate, who will talk about the rituals of the world, or Carlos Mesa, who will deliver a lecture on demons. Activities will include yoga sessions, of body awareness, meditation and will deal with aspects such as the power of the mind, constellate them·lations or the tarot. The hypnosis session with·lesson will be scheduled on the Saturday of Aquelarre in the evening.

New space for crafts and more food trucks

One of the main novelties of this year's fair is the transfer of all the handicrafts on offer to Passeig Balmes, in front of the Library. Saturday evening musical performances, scheduled as part of the contest, will be held in the Magdalena de Montclar space, in the square that bears the same name. It happens that the space bears the name of the first Catalan woman accused of witchcraft. There will also be music performances and children's entertainment.

The food stalls are also expanded and twenty food trucks are installed·they will be in Plaça Universitat and Rambla Lluís Santpere, with a varied gastronomic offer.


The contest will be open throughout the weekend. He will do it on Saturday 10 from the morning to 2 noon and 5 from the afternoon to 2 of the morning. Sunday will open from 5 from the afternoon to 10 of the night.


Ten pianists from the Cervera conservatory perform at the Palau de la Música as prize winners

Ten pianists from the Cervera conservatory perform at the Palau de la Música as prize winners

Among the activities of the OFF Competition of the magnificent Maria Canals International Piano Competition in Barcelona, this year the Tu hi toques video contest was held again?, open to pianists who want to share their talent and enthusiasm for the piano online.


About forty videos emerged from the piano students of the music school and conservatory of Cervera. And after the jury's deliberation, ten have been awarded with a diploma and the possibility to perform in the main hall of the Palau de la Música Catalana, concert that took place last Friday 30 June.

In Category A (8-10 years) the winners were Estanislau Martínez Vega and Aitana Pintó Perella. In Category B (11-12 years) the winners were Marçal Prió Sebastián, Carla Ros Vidal and Pol Riu Corbera. In Category C (13-15 years) they were Eloi Escudero Ribó and Laia Boix Baró. Alexia Escudero Ribó and Berta Baltral Noguera, Anastasia Mostishko Mostishko will be the guanyadores of Category D (16-18 years) and finally Alexia Escudero Ribó and Berta Baltral Noguera in the Chamber Music Category.
The concert offered in the modernist venue was as endearing as it was exciting. And students, teachers and families were able to enjoy a day they will remember forever. It should also be added that the students took the opportunity to play in the Palau works they had already performed during the course and some by teachers linked to the Conservatory such as Josep Lluís Guzman.
The Cervera expedition was accompanied by Jordi Vivancos - representative of the Maria Canals contest- and the councilor of the Conservatory, Ramon Augé, what “he also wanted to highlight the virtue of the work and the results achieved”.
Photo: Jordi Rose
Cervera presents the Emili Pujol Chair 2023

Cervera presents the Emili Pujol Chair 2023

The Chair will return this summer to position Cervera as the epicenter of the world of classical music in the country and throughout southern Europe. The contest will focus on the work of Pau Casals, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his death.

Of the 16 al 23 of July the Music Course will come together, with hundreds of students from all over the world; the International Festival, with several chamber and orchestral concerts; as well as the fair competition dedicated to the most important luthier world in Europe.

The presentation of the 42nd Cervera Chair has taken place, Wednesday 28 June, at the Municipal Auditorium. It has been carried out by Estefania Balcells, director; Marc Spanish, of the artistic commission; Xavier Balcells, director of the Luthiers Fair; Albert Turull, director of the Territorial Services of Culture in Lleida; and Jan Pomés, paer in Cap de Cervera.

Jan Pomés highlighted the Chair “as the cultural epicenter of Cervera” and has expressed “its desire to promote a leap in quality with the 45th edition in mind, that will match the 2026 with the commemoration of the thousand·lenary of the city.

The presentation event began with a short musical performance by the double bassist, a student of the Music Course, Denis Gross, accompanied on the piano by Jordi Castellà.


Cervera Chair 2023

After the impasse of the pandemic, the Music Course receives 126 students (Wednesday's data 28 June) with a clear return of students of international origin. This group of students interested in music have the unique opportunity to complement their studies by attending the Festival organized by the Department.

A contest that will focus on the work of Pau Casals, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the master's death.

Among the various chamber concerts that will be performed with his repertoire, highlights what will be experienced on 19 July, in which the repertoire that Pau Casals performed during his famous visit to the White House will be faithfully reproduced 1961.

As on other occasions, the Jove Orquestra Nacional de Catalunya will be in charge of inaugurating the summer beer festival, this time accompanied by Giuliano Carmignola, violin soloist and conductor.

The Festival will host a total of 10 concerts in different spaces with classical music as the protagonist. In each edition, the contest however programs a performance of a different style and, on this occasion, will be dedicated to the world of couplets.

As a novelty this year, it should be noted that the Lutiers Course and Fair are being moved to the Jaume Balmes School as a result of the works being carried out in the University building. Another highlight, is that the Festival places one of its concerts in the "street", since the Bellpuig Cobla will perform in Plaça de la Universitat, in a concert that will be free. A way to approach, even more, the Chair, to all the public and the city of Cervera.

More information and ticket sales

Cervera celebrates the Feast of Saint John

Cervera celebrates the Feast of Saint John

The Penya Ciclista brought the Flama del Canigó to Cervera, with which the councilors of the Paeria lit the peveter and the bonfire in the Plaça Major, in the event organized by the Festivals Department to celebrate Sant Joan, Friday 23 June.

Once the peveter is lit, the paer in head, Jan Pomés, he read the manifesto "The Flame of Canigó: an indestructible link between Cervera and the Segarra region".

Before the arrival of the Flame, various activities took place such as a tabala, from Plaça de la Universitat to Plaça Major, with the Bombollers de Cervera and a lantern making workshop, by Omnium Segarra Urgell, in the main square.

The Penya Ciclista Cervera has once again been the entity in charge of collecting the Canigó Flame and bringing it to the municipality. They moved to Agramunt, where the Peña Pedal de Bellpuig delivered them, and from here they took her to Cervera.

Last days of registration for the Cervera Music Course

Last days of registration for the Cervera Music Course

He 2 July is the deadline to sign up for a new edition of Cervera's International Music Course, one of the oldest, this year reaches its 42nd edition, and with more prestige in Spain. It will take place from 16 al 23 July, along with the International Music Festival and the Luthiers Fair.

At the moment there are almost 120 enrolled students, which demonstrates the interest and good health of this initiative, which this year reaches 42 years of history.
Besides, thanks to which you can enjoy two different concerts for just one, students from different autonomous communities recover strongly, as well as the international ones, with students who will arrive from countries such as France, Norway, Albania, Egypt or Hongria.

This number of students implies that there are many teachers who already have all the places sold out. Of the 20 teachers available this year, 6 they already have complete registrations. Despite this, there is still the possibility of signing up for the classes of one of these types of instruments: viola, guitar, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, trunk, The cycle will be inaugurated by the OJC Trio of Reeds - formed by Encarna Monzó, bassoon and double bass.

It should be remembered that the course is aimed at postgraduate music students, higher degree and professional degree and which will take place from 16 al 23 July. One more year, the renowned conductor Manuel Valdivieso will be the conductor of the Orchestra and the band that will be formed during the course. Students will be able to enjoy the opportunity to participate in the various concerts and auditions of the International Music Festival.

Registrations can continue to be made through the Department's website:

The Obra Social de la Caixa continues with the scholarships for the students of the Music Course

With the desire to give more students the possibility to sign up for the Course, the organization has renewed the agreement with La Caixa to be able to offer scholarships through its Social Work. To be able to access it, more information can be found on the website.

The International Music Course is part of the "Càtedra Cervera – Emily Pujol", an initiative that includes, in addition to the course, the Music Festival and the Lutiers Fair.

Information and image provided by the Cervera Emili Pujol Chair.