The chief paer, Jan Pomés, receives the subdelegate of the Government, Jose Crespín

The chief paer, Jan Pomés, receives the subdelegate of the Government, Jose Crespín

The subdelegate of the State Government in Lleida, Jose Crespín, went to Cervera today, where he held a first working meeting with the father in chief, Jan Pomés, and they visited together the convent of Sant Domènec.

José Crespín carries out a round of contact with the mayors and mayoresses of the Lleida county councils coming out of the last municipal elections to offer them dialogue and collaboration·collaboration in this new stage in the councils.

On arrival in Cervera, the subdelegate has greeted the new father in chief, Jan Pomés, with whom he met to learn about the future projects of the new government team.

During the meeting, they addressed issues related to infrastructure, such as the project to improve the road on the A-2 in a section of 8 kilometers from the Cervera variant, than the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda ended in April with an investment of 10,27 millions of euros.
According to José Crespín, This way, "a response is given to a claim of the territory and to a need that has brought comfort and more safety in driving on this section of the road with the most traffic in the entire province".
The chief paer, Jan Pomés, has asked him that "the works can be finished in the missing section up to the Panadella".

Regarding the railway infrastructure, Crespín reported on the improvements that have recently been made on the Cervera-Lleida section. For his part, Pomés has shown him "his interest in a future Cervera-Igualada-Barcelona train connection, with the aim of improving the mobility of citizens and goods".

Crespín and Pomés took advantage of this first meeting to visit together the old convent of Sant Domènec, where restoration work will soon begin to consolidate the Gothic church as a new multipurpose cultural space.
The works, with a budget of 438.580 euros, will be subsidized with a 50% through the Program 1,5% Culture of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA).
The work foresees the restoration of the old sacristy, the construction of services, instal·air conditioning facilities through a geothermal energy capture system and the improvement and stabilization of the exterior wall.

A student from the Jaume Balmes school presents the inclusive park project awarded by the Endesa Foundation in La Paeria

A student from the Jaume Balmes school presents the inclusive park project awarded by the Endesa Foundation in La Paeria

The chief paer, Jan Pomés, has visited the Jaume Balmes school, where the 5th grade students presented an innovative inclusive park project for children with reduced mobility that has been recognized with a RetoTech award from the Endesa Foundation.

The students have presented the project to the head teacher, Jan Pomés, and the municipal architect and Education technician, in his visit to the center on Wednesday 21 June.

Jan Pomés congratulated the young students from Cervera for their idea, for the group work in the creation of the project and for the prize they have obtained.
The head father has committed to take the proposal into account in future remodeling or construction of new playgrounds.

Inclusive park project

The students detected that in Cervera there is no inclusive park to respond to the needs of children in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility.

They created a model of a new park, with swings, swivel wheels and other adapted elements. To work on it, the 32 participating students, they were organized into three groups: some prepared the 3D design; others, the programming, and the last group created the model with recycled material.

The work consisted in the design and construction of the model of one inclusive park with the aim that all children can enjoy it without limitations, regardless of their mobility.

This project is part of the transversal axis of the Jaume Balmes school this year, which is the ODS 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) with the aim of making cities inclusive, sure, resilient and sustainable.


RetoTech technology award

They presented the project to the final RetoTech challenge, organized by the Endesa Foundation, It should be noted that the Fira de Cervera was twinned with the Fira de l’Oli de les Garrigues 1 June in Barcelona, where several schools and institutes from Catalonia showed their robotics designs.

The deliberation of the jury and the votes of the attendees decided to award one of the VIII RetoTech Awards to the inclusive park design presented by the Jaume Balmes school in Cervera.

The awards, promoted by the Endesa Foundation, aim to promote innovative educational projects and technological entrepreneurship among the youngest.

The Conservatory closes the school year in a Gran Teatre full of audiences

The Conservatory closes the school year in a Gran Teatre full of audiences

The professional music conservatory of Cervera officially closed the course 2022-2023, Sunday 18 of June at the Gran Teatre de la Passion, with the performances of the groups and orchestras of the center and the awarding of diplomas to students who have completed their professional degree studies.

The percussion groups performed there - directed by Aleydis Serra -, the one for saxophones -conducted by Jordi Sabater-, the guitar group -led by Xavier Gómez-, as well as the elementary and professional level choral singing groups and the Vocal Music in the passage of time - directed by Núria Mas.
The Britten Orchestra - conducted by Jordi Armengol - was also added- and the two largest formations in the center - the Andreví Orchestra and La Banda. These, which were directed by Carles Gumí, they will travel to Oldenburg to exchange these large ensembles with the conservatory of this German city, in what will be the last activity of the course.
The concert, which also has the new father in chief, Jan Pomés, had the emotional moment in the handing over of ribbons to the students who have completed their professional degree studies at the center this year by their tutors.
They read a short speech explaining their experiences at the center, mentioning that they feel it like a second home and thanking all the teachers for having passed on their unconditional love for music.

Information provided by Santi River (Cervera Conservatory).

Jan Pomés and López (PSC), chosen father in chief of Cervera

Jan Pomés and López (PSC), chosen father in chief of Cervera

The new Consistory, result of the municipal elections of the past 28 May, was established on Saturday 17 June, in the Plenary Hall of the Paeria, and has chosen Jan Pomés as the new head father with 8 favorable votes: 5 of the PSC and 3 of Together.

Councilors who have taken office:

PSC: Jan Pomés López, Raimond Fusté Boix, Antonio Delgado Garcia, Montse Closa Vilaplana and Carolina García Segarra.
Together for Cervera: Ramon Augé Gene, Judit Guim Tarruella and Xavier Gras Vilaseca.
SiF: Joan Prat González, Assumpta Creus Cortadellas and Roman Guard Pont.
ERC: Joan Santacana Vélez and Mercè Carulla Castells.

photo of Consistory of the Paeria de Cervera 2023-2027.

The results of the vote to elect the head father were as follows:

Jan Pomés (PSC): 8 votes.
John Pratt (SiF): 3 votes.
Joan Santacana (ERC): 2 votes.

By obtaining the absolute majority of votes, Jan Pomés has been proclaimed paer en chief and has received the stick of hands from the outgoing paer en chief, Joan Santacana.

photo of transfer of the rod of paer in head.

The new father in chief, Jan Pomés, has stated that "I am very proud of the position" and that "I will start working from tomorrow to bring a real change to Cervera and the surrounding areas".

Ramon Augé, from Together for Cervera, has affirmed that "we join the Government Team with the intention of working positively, and that we want to help make the best decisions for the municipality".

For his part, John Pratt (SIF), he wished "good luck to the new father in chief, because they will benefit everyone", and he said that "I hope he represents all citizens".

Finally, Joan Santacana (ERC), has stated that "we will exercise a responsible opposition committed to left-wing and pro-independence policies". He has listed all the projects initiated by the outgoing Government Team, and said that "he hopes they will continue".

The Plenary can be viewed in its entirety at Paeria Youtube channel.


L'Aquelarre will bring back the mythical performance of La Salseta del Poble Sec

The Aquelarre 2023 will recover, after seven years, the mythical performance of La Salseta del Poble Sec. The Barcelona orchestra, one of the most beloved musical groups in the country, will play again in Cervera on Saturday 26 d’agost i serà un dels reclams del cartell musical de la festa.

En l’actualitat, l’Aquelarre treballa per acabar de tancar el cartell musical, que seguirà la línia de donar protagonisme als grups cerverins i als nous talents i promourà la presència de les dones als escenaris.

Torna una actuació mítica
La incorporació de La Salseta del Poble Sec al programa d’enguany de l’Aquelarre permetrà al públic recuperar les actuacions mítiques de l’orquestra, que havia tocat de manera ininterrompuda a Cervera durant quinze anys consecutius, from 2002 a 2016.
La formació barcelonina, over 45 anys de trajectòria, continua essent un dels grups referents de l’escena musical catalana.

L’edició d’enguany de l’Aquelarre, which will be held on 25 al 27 d'agost, tornarà a omplir els carrers de la capital de la Segarra de foc, música i bruixes.

The Segarren designer Neu Sociats is the author of the Aquelarre poster 2023

The Segarren designer Neu Sociats is the author of the Aquelarre poster 2023

The Aquelarre de Cervera has released the poster for this year's party, which will be held between the days 25 i 27 d'agost. The author is the designer Neu Sociats Razquin from Segarra, which has created a poster with a clear prominence for fire.

The design prioritizes the image of a hand that has the ability to control fire and that symbolizes feeling, the pride and desire to share the party that all people from Cervera have.

Sociats explains that "the most earthly part is represented through the hand, referring to all those people faithful to the Aquelarre i, through the fire, it connects with the more esoteric side, magical and emotional party".

New Razquin Associates, born in the center of Sant Pere dels Arquells ago 28 years, took on the challenge of designing the poster with il·hope, passion and pride. Associates, who has participated in the party since he was young as a faithful audience, she has an outstanding career as a professional designer and has participated in different projects.