Fadunito premiere next year's show “Fragile”, they are creating Flour, a “work in progress” attended by the public as privileged students from ESO 3 Institute Segarra, Wednesday 9 October, and will be open to the public Friday 11 i 18 this month.

The building Farinera Cervera has welcomed the visit of the students of 3rd ESO Institute Segarra, have been able to attend public as 'work in progress' entertainment 'Fragile' Fadunito the company wants to release next year. Create a new work and to involve the public closer to the creative process is how the company has chosen, Orobitg led by Fernando and Ivan Alcoba, celebrate his birthday. And it does so in a unique, Flour, that way, becomes a theater stage for everyone and reason Cervera Catalan Capital of Culture 2019.

"It's a way of contributing to our culture about, reward our, the house in a year full of cultural activities ", Orobitg points. This year, coinciding with the 15th anniversary of Fadunito, Cervera Catalan Capital of Culture will present an exhibition that will review the history of this street theater company.

Fadunito is one of the most prolific theater companies and international, and this year celebrates 15 years of experience and ten shows on shoulder 25 countries. He has performed at major festivals around the world.

Upcoming Features “Fragile”:
Friday 11 October, them 20.30 h
Friday 18 October, them 22.00 h
Price: 5 € (under 18 years 3 €)
Tickets can be purchased at the Museum Cervera (c. Major 115) The 1 h abans de l’espectacle a la Farinera. També es poden reservar al correu electrònic cervera2019@cerverapaeria.cat

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