The reference contest for Catalan classical music, which this year honors the figures of Josep Valls i Royo and Ricard Lamote de Grignon, offers twelve concerts and two parallel activities·leles del 27 al 30 March.

After the good reception, both the inaugural concert with the OJC and Salvador Brontons, com from Núria Andorrà's "Nu.A" show, the Cervera Easter Festival continues, from Wednesday 27 March, with its programming.

The Municipal Auditorium will host the concert - presentation of the book "La viola tenor Parramon". The event will feature Emmanuel Balssa (viola tenor), Daniel Blanch (piano), Jordi Pinto (author of the book) and Pere-Andreu Jariod (journalist and music popularizer).
In between 1932 i 1936, the Barcelona luthier Ramon Parramon built 55 tenor violas, a unique instrument for its characteristics and its sound: the tenor viola. Even Pau Casals had one. During the presentation, led by journalist Pere-Andreu Jariod, the author of the book will tell us about the history of this unknown instrument, with musical interventions where we can hear their wonderful sound live.
In this presentation we will be able to listen to works by Joan and Ricard Lamote de Grignon, H. Casadesus and D. Shostakovich.
All activities parallel·lessons are free.

Thursday, 28 March, the first concert of this week will take place with a tribute to Josep Valls i Royo by Arnau Tomàs (cello) and Mercè Hervada (piano). Joseph Valls (1904-1999) and, certainly, one of the great unknown composers of our music, perhaps because he was exiled to France on 1939 and he never lived in Catalonia again. The Easter Festival wants to do its part so that his work begins to be recognized in the country that saw him born. It will be done by exceptional performers: the cello·list Arnau Tomàs, member of the Casals Quartet, and the pianist Mercè Hervada, which will highlight Valls' music for these two instruments.

Friday, 29 March, this year's local concerts will be premiered. These are short performances that take place in spaces in the old town of Cervera and that are repeated 2 cops (a session at 11,30 hours and the other at 13 hours). This way, the public can attend both musical productions (first one and then the other, in the order you prefer). The Municipal Auditorium will host Albert Guinovart's concert with "El piano català. Three different poetics". At the same times, but at Casa Sabater on Carrer Major, Blooming Duo will present "New sounds for tradition". To close the day on Friday, the evening concert will be performed by the National Youth Choir of Catalonia directed by Mireia Barrera with "The wealth of Catalan choral music".

A new parallel activity will also take place on Friday·native of the White Borges and currently resides in Los Angeles. Memory is a woman's name, the screening of the documentary "Les mans d'Alícia", on the figure of Alicia de Larrocha, considered one of the best pianists of the 20th century. His daughter will present the documentary, Alicia Torra, who is also the curator of the exhibition on display at the Municipal Auditorium.

Saturday, 30 March, it will be the last day of the Festival and it will also start with local concerts. The Auditorium will host "Resonances of silence" with Sílvia Vidal (piano) and Ramon Humet (bol tibetan, quartz bowls and gong). In the same hours, in other words that is, them 11,30 and the 13 hours, but in the Church of Sant Joan, the old music group Dichos Diabolos will bring us closer to "Nigra Sum. Music for the Virgin of Montserrat”.

To close the day and also this year's Festival, the Paranimf will host an evening concert directed by Xavier Puig with Marta Bonet (soprano), Martha Infante, (mezzo-soprano), David Alegret (tenor), Jordi Serrano (baritone), the Chamber Choir of the Enric Granados Auditorium in Lleida and the Terrassa Orchestra 48. The concert will be dedicated to "Francesc Andreví and Ramon Carnicer: two people from Lleida in Madrid".

The Easter Festival, organized by the Town Council of Cervera, is a meeting point for the sector of classical music in Catalonia and a showcase of classical music in Catalonia.