Sunday 21 of May closed a new edition of the Cervera Bread and Cereal Fair, which this year has increased the number of visitors and sales. All the stands dedicated to the sale of bread sold out.

The fairgrounds, located in Plaça Universitat, has had 21 multisectoral exhibitors and 9 bread and derivatives factories, two more than the previous edition.

The increase in the number of ovens that sell at the Fair and the increase in sales "consolidate the Bread Fair and Cervera Cereal as a benchmark in the production and marketing of quality bread".

In this sense, the winner of the Llesca d'Or as the best baker in Catalonia spoke out 2022, Roger Cinnamon, and the representative of the Guild of Bakers of the Lands of Lleida, Josep Boneu, at the opening ceremony on Saturday 20. The president of PIMEComerç Lleida also praised Cervera’s commitment to promoting bread and cereal, the baker Manel Llaràs, in his stay at the contest on Sunday 21.

In Plaça Universitat it was installed·make a tent, which hosted most of the complementary gastronomic and fun activities at the Fair.
The performances of the artist Lo Pau de Ponts took place there, who dedicated a song exclusively to the Bread and Cereal Fair; by DJ Josep M. Sánchez and the Folk groups in Mitges, Swing Dealers, Les Assossegats and Julivert.
One of the most popular activities was the live cooking demonstration by Ada Parellada, who was also in charge of officially closing the Fair.
It is also worth noting the participation of the family audience in the gymnasium.
One of the novelties of this edition was the demonstration of traditional agricultural activities, like sowing and threshing with legs, which took place in the courtyard of the University and which aroused a lot of interest among the public to learn how field tasks were done in the old days.

In this line, the recently recovered Wheat Museum also received many visits, in the Union building, which exhibits tools from the countryside of the region.

From the Paeria de Cervera we want to thank all the people who visited the Fair and bought products at the different stands and participated in the scheduled activities.

The Fair already organized activities the previous week

The Department of Economic Promotion also makes a very positive assessment of the activities organized the previous week, since monday 15, Saint Isidre's day, Friday 19 May.

Sant Isidre's Day invites the farmers of Cervera and the region to the tractor parade and the subsequent fellowship lunch. This year a total of 48 tractors i 2 Decorated carts went through the center of the city in the parade. at lunch, chaired by the Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, were gathered a total of 230 people. Ten gifts were drawn at the end, courtesy of the Regional Council of Segarra (a batch of local products), the Town Council of Cervera (four lots), Commercial Claramunt (three Iberian shoulders), and Transport and Cereals Joan Llorens Torres (two vouchers for lunch 2 people), who are thanked for their col·collaboration.
It also goes col·work Maquinaria Agrícola Gidar with the drinks bar and the visit to the machinery exhibition. Finally, the agricultural union Union of Farmers organized the technical day "Stop accidents in the rural environment". From La Paeria, we would like to thank Gidar and the Union of Farmers for their cooperation·collaboration and involvement each year with the celebration events of Sant Isidre in Cervera.

Regarding the acts developed between Tuesday 16 and on Friday 19 the good attendance at the guided visits to the Wheat Museum and the participation in the organic flour workshops in Garbiana stand out, making healthy Dálit Natura chocolates and bread from Fornera de Biosca, and at the dinner of products from the region. All these activities were organized in the Union, with the help·collaboration of the Segarra Producers Association.