The season ticket allows you to enjoy six performances, scheduled between the months of October 2022 and May of 2023, for a price of 100 euros. The first function is “Naked (Radiography of a disorder)”, Sunday 16 October, them 19 hours.

The 25th Cycle "Get Passionate", the programming of performing arts and music organized by the Department of Culture of the Paeria de Cervera, presents proposals from different genres and for all audiences.

As in the previous edition, incorporates a musical show, which will be "The women of my life" with Elena Gadel and Marta Robles. This year, as a novelty, foresees a dance show, with the renowned choreographer Sol Picó. The program also includes the moving “Nua (Radiography of a disorder), by Ann Perelló and Andrea Ros; the successful drama "The Swallow", starring Emma Vilarasau and Dafnis Balduz; the comedy show "Per fi sol", with Carlos Sans (The Tricycle); and the human comedy "La pell fina", by Yago Alonso and Carme Marfà.

Subscriptions are they can buy from this link.

Representation of "Nua (Radiography of a disorder)”

The next function of the Theater Cycle is scheduled for Sunday 16 October, them 19 hours, the Grand Theater of the Passion.

It is a work that reflects on eating disorders and aesthetic pressure. Electric text, by Ann Perelló and Andrea Ros, it is played by Ann Perelló herself, in the form of a monologue that acts as a dialogue with the audience. A stage game with the staging of five toilets, a webcam and audiovisual elements that allow the public to travel with the protagonist to understand how she lives the nightmare of her disorder.

Sale of localities

The purchase of advance tickets can be done by Internet from this link.
Tickets can also be bought at the Gran Teatre de la Passion box office from two hours before the start of the show.
To encourage the attendance of all col·lectius, you can enjoy different discounts such as those that apply to groups of more than 15 people, young people under 18 years, unemployed people, large families or single parents, Youth card, Contents, people with disabilities and more than 65 years.


"El Llop" successfully opened the 25th theater cycle

theatrical season 2022-2023 started on sunday 25 September, for the Festa Major, with the representation of "The Wolf". The version of the classic "Terra Baixa", directed by Àngel Llàcer and Enric Cambray, was very well received by the public. He collected a total of 760 spectators in the Grand Theater of the Passion.
This work was not part of the season pass that is now on sale.