Sunday 10 in July NASA astronaut Terry Virts will be in Cervera, invited by the Casa Dalmases Foundation (c. Major, 87), where he will give a lecture on his experience as a result of a long season in space.


Terry Virts is a NASA astronaut, divulgador i autor de National Geographic, pilot of the Endeavor space shuttle on the STS-130 mission and professional photographer. More than 200 days on the International Space Station (ISS) as commander of the Expedition 43.
Its motto is "ad astra", which means "to the stars".

He has been invited to Cervera by the Casa Dalmases Foundation (c. Major, 87), where on Sunday 10 July, them 18.30 hours, will give a lecture in which he will share many experiences from his long stay in space orbiting the Earth - more than 200 dies- and will talk about how the world looks from the outside (contrast entre els països desenvolupats i els països subdesenvolupats, contaminació i despesa energètica, agriculture as the main basis of life, and other matters such as pol·of China or the disastrous impact of maritime traffic on the oceans).

Terry Virts has a social soul and that is why he will come to Casa Dalmases. The Casa Dalmases Foundation ( és una entitat cerverina que va néixer, now it will 10 years, to respond to a need of the region to create employment for people with functional diversity and / or at risk of social exclusion. To make this possible it has two workshops (one of craft chocolate and one of craft beer), located on the ground floor of the Casa Dalmases, a palace house of the s. XVIII, which employ a total of twenty people.

Virts defensa que tant l’àmbit local com el social són molt importants per salvar el planeta. La Segarra needs entrepreneurs and people who promote projects with values ​​and who are socially responsible. Terry Virts will give a glimpse of the importance of practicing social responsibility as a fundamental value of life at the level of both companies and individuals..

In this same meeting, the third edition of the exhibition of Singular Art in col·collaboration with the Josep Santacreu Foundation and a tasting of Casa Dalmases craft beer will be served.

Per assistir a la trobada must register in advance a través del formulari que hi ha a la pàgina web És una trobada oberta a tota la ciutadania que desitgi gaudir de la presència del cosmonauta i compartir idees i projectes per fer del món un lloc més acollidor, more humane and more sustainable.

Information and image provided by the Casa Dalmases de Cervera Foundation.