The rain has stopped, finally, the Saturday night of Aquelarre and others 30.000 people have enjoyed a hellish evening in the streets and squares of Cervera.

The lighting in Plaça de la Universitat at 11 of the night was the start of a memorable night in which some were burned 350 kilos of pyrotechnic material in front of an enthusiastic audience and surrendered to the magic of the 45th edition of a party that was spectacular. The council of Aquelarre de la Paeria de Cervera makes a positive assessment of the party that has overcome the threat of rain and has revalidated its power of convening. in parallel·lel, the firecrackers of the Ball of Devils in Cervera Carranquers and the Ball of Devils in Ràpita have caused the streets of the historic center of the capital of La Segarra to explode with fire and gunpowder.

The rain has long passed the capital of La Cervera and the central show of the party, which has recreated the hell of the literary classic The Divine Comedy has been an explosion of fire, powder and light on the Cal Racó stage. The culminating moment came early in the morning with the great run of the Mascle Cabró that drove Cervera crazy. more 200 people have participated in a show that has had at the head of the artistic direction the brewer Pol Bosch and all the work of the Alea Teatre company.

The Aquelarret

One of the other important moments of this Saturday's party was the Aquelarret parade, which also avoided the rain and had the participation of close to 200 children as part of a route that also left the Plaça de la Universitat. The Cervera Carranquers Devil Ball Children's Group has shared the spotlight with the guest groups of the Ràpita Children's Devil Ball and the Petit Ferafoc de Sant Quintí de Mediona.

More fair

The party will continue this afternoon with the offering of esotericism and tarot as part of the Gran Boc Fair, which can be visited in the interior of the University, on Rambla Lluís Santpere and Plaça Universitat. Twenty food trucks offer all kinds of gastronomic attractions.

Information provided by the Press Service of the Aquelarre de Cervera 2023.