Tickets for each concert can be purchased with more than one 20% of discount through this website and season tickets with a discount of 40%.

The Cervera Easter Festival has just launched the advance ticket sales system. So, all people who want to enjoy the 15 concerts scheduled in this year's contest, they can now purchase their seats through this website.

As usual, early purchase is rewarded with several benefits. One of the most prominent is the discount of more than one 20% in its price, since of 18 euros for the evening concerts at the box office, is passed to 14 euros if you pay in advance via the web. Paral·lelament, tickets for the morning concerts can also be purchased in advance for only 6 euros.

Festival tickets are also on sale, so, those interested in attending more than one concert can choose to purchase a pass that will allow them to see all the concerts in the event for just 70 euros, which supposes a 40% discount. There are also specific tickets to enjoy the evening concerts for only 55 euros. The morning concerts also have their own ticket, which allows you to enjoy two different concerts for yourself 10 euros.

Catalan Classical Music Festival, the organization renews agreements with various entities and organizations such as the Carnet Jove, the TRESC Club and various media, others, to offer discounts among its subscribers. They also enjoy significant bonuses in col·"Appropa Cultura" class, the majors of 65 years and single-parent and/or large families. Remember that the different discount options (early entry or through these rebates with media entities or subscribers) they are not cumulative with each other.

Strong commitment to bringing Catalan classical music closer to the youngest

In this policy of making Catalan classical music accessible to all levels of society, the Easter Festival also wants to pay special attention to the youngest. For this reason, the evening concerts will have a price of only 6 euros for minors 18 years and of 2 euros in the case of morning concerts.

The reference contest for Catalan classical music will take place on 30 March 8 of April with 10 different musical productions that will be specified in 15 concerts. There will be several absolute premieres in a festival dedicated to Pau Casals and other Catalan composers who suffered exile for different reasons.

The Easter Festival, organized by the Town Council of Cervera, is a meeting point for the sector of classical music in Catalonia and a showcase of classical music in Catalonia.