The series of concerts organized by the Associació d'Amics de la Música de Cervera starts on Sunday 12 of March with the concert "Mendelssohn with eighteen years", by the Teixidor Quartet (Joan Espina and Joan Marsol, violins; Jordi Armengol, viola; and Xavier Roig, cello).

The group will offer a program made up of the Quartet number 5 in G major, by Josep Teixidor; the four (1998) of the composer born in Tàrrega, Ramon Andrew; and the Quartet in A minor, opus 13, by Felix Mendelssohn.

Joseph Weaver, born in Seròs, he wrote six string quartets that constitute an example of undoubted importance for studying the establishment and development of the genre in Spain at the end of the 18th century. He uses compositional procedures of the great masters of the time (Haydn, Boccherini, Brunetti), always looking for a language of its own.

Four, by Ramon Andreu Gene, it is conceived as a triptych, and it will be a good opportunity to learn about music that has been written in our lands.

Felix Mendelssohn's second quartet will close, which the German composer finished when he had 18 years, it is a good example of his compositional genius and his innate talent, as well as a deep knowledge of the works of his great predecessors: Haydn, Mozart i Beethoven.

The concert is on Sunday 12 March, them 19 hours, at the Municipal Auditorium.

Information and image provided by the Association of Friends of Music