The Councilor of Culture, Ramon Augé, and the authors of the work, sculptor Marta Pruna and engineer Hamlyn Terry, they inaugurated the new sculpture "Inercia analema", in squares and streets of the city of Cervera, in an event that took place on Sunday 25 of March within the cycle of activities "A batre…?” of the Wheat Museum.

The inaugural event also had the interventions of the director of the Cervera Museum, of which the Wheat Museum is a part, Mireia Pedro; of the curator of the museum's current exhibition and of the revitalization cycle "To beat…?”, Mark Verdes; and both authors of the sculptural work, Marta Pruna to Hamlyn Terry.

It is a sculpture made from three blocks from the Blanco lime era, living in Segarra: dues, made of stone and placed horizontally - on the sides of which three faces are carved -, and one, of concrete and placed vertically, completed with a solar disk. The whole is proposed as a "hyperlocal" mechanism, since it allows the passage of circular time to be traced in place and, in concrete, the seasons, the equinoxes and solstices. Time that has traditionally ruled the peasantry.

The work, located in Plaça del Sindicat, completes a sculptural process that began with the reopening of the Wheat Museum a year ago, in its new location in a wing of the Farinera del Sindicat building.