The Winter Festival program, of the 3 al 7 February, a set of fun activities, cultural, religious and traditional, in which the Cant de les Completes stand out, a unique musical event that is performed in the church of Santa Maria.

The full Cervera, written in 1870 by the chapel masters Salvador Vidal and Joan Pont, Popular pieces are composed of the time.
They are currently run by Xavier Puig, and its interpretation fifty musicians involved, one hundred and three solo singers.
The event will take place on Monday 5 February, them 20 hours, the church of Santa Maria.
At the end of the song, there will be the traditional Cervera Eagle Ball, with the musical accompaniment of the Conservatory Band.

Cervera’s Santíssimo Misteri Festival is declared a heritage festival of national interest and included in the Catalog of Catalonia’s festive heritage.

This year's program, between days 3 i 7 February, a set of varied events such as the Misteri Folk traditional music concert, organized by the Seny Major Group; the 25th individual backstroke competition, with the organization in charge of the Colla Sardanista Jovencells; the performance of the dramatic comedy "Conspiranoia", within the 26th Apassiona't Theater Cycle; the assembly of 30 giant old wooden games, de Ludiespai; the concert and long dance with the Nova Saturno orchestra; the traditional ringing of bells, in charge of the Campaners de Cervera, and religious acts.

They can consult the program in this link.