Councilors in the Economic Promotion Area, Tourism, Culture and Festivals, Mercè Carulla and Mireia Brandon, take stock of two months of activities in Cervera as part of the “Festive”.

"It simply came to our notice then 12 September, we ended the first edition of the “Festive, moments of art and marinade ”, which was born in response to the suspensions by the Covid-19 of some events that were traditionally organized in Cervera and that involved crowds of people, such as the Aquelarre. It was created with the aim of supporting local and local artists, and at the same time reactivate festive life, cultural and economic of Cervera.

As councilors in the Economic Promotion Area, Tourism, Culture and Festivals, of the new left-wing government in the Paeria de Cervera, with a clear commitment to culture and tourism as key sectors for the economic reactivation of Cervera, we set to work against the clock to make the Festiuada possible.

We were very clear that, despite restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all sanitary measures, it was necessary to make a cultural program in the city and fill the streets of Cervera with life. When designing the Holiday, our priorities were, on the one hand, hire local and local companies and artists mostly, a sector in which the pandemic has shaken a lot; Besides, culture made confinement more enjoyable for us, now it's time to give it back by supporting it and betting on the one closest to us, for the culture of proximity. On the other hand, we considered the Festiuada to be a good way to energize terraces, bars and trade in general, with performances in the squares and streets of the city, thus making culture a source of economic dynamism. Vision that must always persist, not just in times of pandemic.

It's been eight weeks, twenty-seven summer days of music, theater, dance, cinema, popular culture, exhibitions and also gastronomy, with very good acceptance by the audience who attended. Reduced acts, with limited capacity and distance sanitary measures, mask and hydroalcoholic gel.

We are very clear that culture is necessary in our lives, which brings benefits in many areas, both socially and economically, i, so, its programming is essential.

The Festiuada has come to stay, with the hope that next year the situation of the pandemic will be more controlled and we can share small moments showing off the best of our smiles, away from masks.


Mercè Carulla and Mireia Brandon
Councilors of the Economic Promotion Area, Tourism, Culture and Festivals