The Department of Digital Policies has recovered the management of the domain and has activated it in order to homogenize all the public portals in the municipality, reduce costs and optimize their management.


Since the creation of the .cat domain, the Open Administration of Catalonia (AOC) has managed the domains that refer to the names of all the municipalities of the Catalan territory, among which, which had never been used. Now the management has been transferred from the AOC to the Paeria de Cervera, which has activated the domain.

In the Diagnosis of the digital services of the Paeria, made by the developer and publisher of websites Cervere Marc Celeiro last August, the dispersion of websites and domains was marked as one of the main problems. It was also stated that a standard, unified system was not used in this set of web services, unlike what happens in most Catalan municipalities.

For this reason, it was considered necessary for the Paeria to recover the management of the domain and its subsequent activation., with two very clear goals:

Achieve the homogenization of all public portals in the city, grouping them under a single domain. This allows you to know, first hand, all those websites that are official and avoid confusion by the public.

Reduce domain management costs and time by deleting all those that have been created in recent years.