The chief paer, Joan Santacana, and the councilor for Culture, Mercè Carulla, have presented the program of the 46th Isagoge, cultural week prelude to the Festa Major, that the 15 al 23 of September organizes a total of 26 activities.

Isagoge celebrates two centenaries this year: the construction of the Union Flour Mill and the birth of the teacher, writer, bookseller and publisher Ramon Turull (Cervera, 1922-2003).

In the presentation the father in chief, Joan Santacana, has spoken of "the coincidence in the origins of Aquelarre and Isagoge, summer activities that started at the same time, more than 40 years, for neighborhood initiatives". He contextualized the Isagoge and emphasized that "the programming has maintained the structure, with activities for all audiences".

The Councilor for Culture, Mercè Carulla, has stated that it is hoped that "the commemoration of the centenary of a modernist jewel like the Farinera del Sindicat will go further, and with the works that are being carried out it can be reopened and accessible to the public". Mercè Carulla presented the program of the cultural week and emphasized that one day, on Saturday 17, is dedicated to the figure of Ramon Turull i Bargués, with activities organized jointly with the Espitllera Forum and Òmnium Cultural.


Centenary of the construction of the Farinera del Syndicat (1922-2022)

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Cervera experienced a period of splendor. The Farinera building, of the Agricultural Union and its region, work by César Martinell, is a great example of this moment. The Syndicate complex was founded on 1919 on the initiative of a group of farmers from 121 towns throughout the region and was finished building in the year 1922. This year we reach its centenary and the Isagoge cultural week echoes it with a program that commemorates this event. Throughout this week you will be able to contextualize, through the different activities proposed, how was this emblematic building.


Centenary of the birth of Ramon Turull i Bargués

The lsagoge dedicates a day, Saturday 17 September, to commemorate the centenary of the master's birth, writer, bookseller and publisher Ramon Turull Bargués (Cervera, 1922-2003). A public commemorative event is planned with ten presentations on various aspects (poet, playwright, writer, civic activist, cultural manager, teacher, publisher and bookseller) from Turull; a storytelling; the discovery of a plaque in the house where he was born and lived (on Carrer Sória, 3); a bibliographic exhibition and a literary dinner.

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