Sunday 14 of May there will be a concert by the jazz trio formed by Guillem García, piano; Henry Carpenter, drums; and Camil Arcarazo, double bass. Within the XLIV cycle of spring concerts, will be the presentation in Cervera of the first album by the Barcelona pianist Guillem García.

The concert will take place in the Municipal Auditorium, them 19 hours.

Guillem Garcia, who is a professor at the Cervera Conservatory of Music, he makes a compilation of his own compositions from different stages of his life as an artist (2017-2021).
In this work he develops his own style and language, in constant evolution, both in the field of composition and interpretation. The creation of the works starts from sincerity and the whole compositional process has been an exercise in analyzing the artist's aesthetic tastes and needs.

The first piece of 'Resina’ comes in the form of a three-movement suite and is called 'The Dances of the Monsters'. A work written on 2021 and that is one al·read to anxieties, depressions and other anxieties that we all suffer at one time or another. The title suggests dancing with them for sheer survival. The three pieces that follow are three dedications: Green eyes’ is a work composed between the 2017 and the 2018 which has been evolving until the very moment of registering it. The theme wants to play with the concept of synaesthesia. Guillem García wants the listener to experience a journey along the piece where he will pass through different color palettes starting with dark tones and ending with a hopeful luminosity.

‘Nora’ is the name of a student of Guillem García to whom he dedicates this song. The artist found the little girl, of only 8 years, a source of inspiration. The girl, who lost his father to an illness, has never lost the il·hope, energy, joy and happiness.

'Resin’ is the title and single of this album. This piece is the first composed by Guillem García in his entire career, and is motivated and inspired by one of its references in all aspects, his grandmother. The theme was written a year after the death of the godmother, and wants to be a song in life, the generosity, altruism and love.

Guillem Garcia (Barcelona, ​​1994) he begins his musical studies with the classical accordion and als 19 years turns to jazz and does so by adopting the piano as the main instrument. He studied at the Liceu Conservatory with professors such as Roger Mas, Albert Bover, Tony Cowboy, Sergi Vergés and Horacio Fumero, others. He is currently part of the country's jazz scene. Following the pandemic, he decides to focus more on his own projects and starts his own trio that gives light to this album. He is also currently a professor at the Cervera Music Conservatory.

Information provided by the Cervera Friends of Music Association.