The Excursionist Center of La Segarra (THOSE) celebrates its 50th anniversary this year 2022 and to commemorate it organizes different activities, among which “50 years, 50 peaks”, scheduled for days 3 i 4 September.

It is about making an ascent to at least 50 peaks, on Saturday 3 or Sunday 4 September.
At the top you will need to take a photo with everyone and send it in an email or phone that the CES will inform the registered people.
Besides, on Sunday afternoon 4 September, will organize a meeting in Cervera to see the photos of all the peaks and comment on how it went.

Those interested must choose which peak they want to climb from the list found in the CES website.
There is also the option of choosing one peak for Saturday and another for Sunday, and thus make a plenum.

Registrations on the web:

For any questions, you can contact