Cervera is ready to celebrate the Festa Major in September, which this year regains full normality and returns to install·home to the marquee and attractions in the center of the city. Friday 23 on Monday 26 presents activities for all audiences.

The Festa Major starts on Friday, them 20 hours, with the recognition of two local entities and the proclamation.
The entities honored are the Segarra Excursionist Center and the Coll de les Savines Scout and Guide Group on the occasion of their fiftieth anniversary. The Municipal Corporation wants to recognize its trajectory and its commitment to sports activity and education in leisure, respectively.
The Pregó is in charge of the Center Obre Instructiu d'Union Republicana, in tribute to the popular mobilization that made October 1 in Cervera possible, on the 5th anniversary of the organization of the referendum.
In case of rain, this event will be moved to the church of Sant Domènec.

The concerts will take place in the marquee, that this year is installed·the one in Plaça Pius XII with the intention of bringing the festival back to the center of Cervera. The musical offer is varied and for all audiences, with DJ performances at the Festival of the Years 80 i 90, Friday; the Inversend Band groups, The Stomping Pony and Viper, Saturday; and the Costa Brava Orchestra, Monday. All the concerts are free.

The popular culture activities will take the streets again and will recover the usual spaces for the shows and dance shows.
The meeting of giants, which reaches its 40th edition, will make the route from Plaça del Sindicat to Plaça Major, where the dance show and the joint performance of all the gangs will take place.
In case of rain, the gigantic meeting will be moved to the multipurpose pavilion.

Later, at the corner of Santa Maria, there will be the extraordinary Carretillada de Cervera Carranquers in charge of the Devil's Ball of Cervera Carranquers.

The small Festa Major, which is held on Monday 26, will set up the festive elements in Plaça Universitat and the parade from Plaça Sant Miquel to Plaça Major, where the performances of the participating groups will take place. In case of rain, in Sant Domènec.

Besides, the Festa Major program includes children's entertainment activities, sports exhibitions, open doors at the Paeria building and the bell tower, the contest of sardanist gangs (main square, or Sant Domènec in case of rain), the castellera day (where the reading of the Proclamation and the presentation of the participating groups by the Carnival King will take place, or Sant Domènec in case of rain), theater, the closing fireworks display…

Regarding children's activities, if it rains, the Salats family concert "La Gran Festa" will change venue (from Carrer Guinedilda to the Auditorium) and the wooden games "Xics del Xurrac" (which will be set up under the porches of Plaça Major).

You can consult the program in this link.


Spaces provided in case of rain:

Friday 23/09/2022

Recognition and announcement: Sant Domènec

Saturday 24/09/2022

Family concert with the Great Family: Auditorium

Plantation of giants and Encounter: Multipurpose pavilion
Sunday 25/09/2022

Follow-up and competition of sardines: Sant Domènec

Castellera day: Sant Domènec
Monday 26/09/2022

Wooden games: Under the porches of Plaça Major

Planted and entourage Small Festa Major: Sant Domènec