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“I listened! A musical madness”

04/06/2023| 11:30 - 13:00

6è Festival Espurnes Barroques: “Nature in dance”. Music and experiences in the Baroque area.

Dindirindín is - literally - madness. A musical full of follia, at the same time as a musical madness. Through a fast-paced and hilarious story, and guided by the genre of madness, its eight performers will make us live a thriller with music from the 16th century. An interdisciplinary show full of mischief, kindness and good humor, Suitable for all audiences.


Mateu Fletxa el Vell, The Bomb and The Negrina (fragments)
Marion Vila, Praise of the Follia
Anonymous, Fuck it
Orlando of Lassus, Matona my dear
Anonymous from the Songbook of the Duke of Calabria, I listened
Francesco Patavino, Tell her about the water
Anonymous from the Songbook of the Duke of Calabria, I am the dark one
Pere Joan Aldomar, Ah Pelayo, what a faint
Anonymous, Don't bite me now habibi
Juan del Encina, The girl aside
Bartolomeo Tromboncino, Stubborn I want to follow
Juan del Encina, Today let's eat and drink
Col. creation·lectiva Night and Day, Follia Rap
Josquin Desprez, A thousand regrets
Adrian Willaert, Old letros
Anonymous from the Songbook of the Duke of Medinaceli, Cut sharp swords
Juan del Encina, Get up, Pascual
Joan Brudieu, The drums are already playing
Bartomeu Prisons, I'm alone here
Juan Vasquez, What will I wash it with?
Orlando of Lassus, I know nothing
Juan del Encina, It is better to exchange
Josep Vila and Casañas, Praise of Self-Love
Juan de Arañés, A sarao from the chaconne

Artistic card

Berta Vidal, actress

Anaïs Oliveras, soprano

Marion Llobera, alto

Ferran Mitjans, tenor

Antonio Fajardo, down

Guitar and Vihuela
Edwin Garcia

Peter Olivé

Flutes and Cornets
Emiliano Pérez Riverol

Musical advice
Aleix Oliveras

Musicological advice
Joseph Maria Gregori

Dramaturgy and Stage Direction
Jordi Perez Solé

Scenic Movement
Laura Calvet

Technician in Commedia dell'Arte
Toni Pastor

Adrià Vidaña

Costume and Props
Teté Company


Casa Dalmases and Casal de Cervera

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11:30 - 13:00