After a two-year hiatus, the Passion resumed successful public and organizational performances. Tour packages were also offered again, which were very well received, with 270 reserves.

The packages, which are organized jointly by the Paeria Tourism Department and the Passion Board, offer visitors the chance to complete attendance at the Passion performance with Cervera’s tourist offer.

The Councilor for Tourism, Roser Segura, “The new start of the Passion Pack stands out in a very positive way, since with 270 has exceeded the number of attendees in the year before the pandemic, he 2019, which was from 220 people. ”

Visitors are offered a tourist itinerary, lasting 1.5 hours, which begins at the Pergola viewpoint, where the origins of Cervera and the walls are explained, and then they head to the University to visit it, both outside and inside. This itinerary can be modified at the request of visitors and the timetables and duration can also be made more flexible.

As for the type of visitors, the Department of Tourism states that these are diverse profiles: from large groups of travel agencies or casals, to middle groups of family or friends, to families, couples or even individuals.
This is considered very interesting and at the same time positive, as it shows a great variety and is therefore of interest to a wide group of society.

Also noteworthy is the offer of the weekend tour package, which includes a meal, a dinner, a hotel night + breakfast and a visit to the Duran i Sanpere House Museum and the Marc Márquez Space. This one started on 2018, although it has not been until this year that it has had any relevance, with about twenty people who have done it.

Finally, from the Department of Tourism and the Patronage of the Passion “we are very happy with how the package has worked this year and more after two years without representations. So, the assessment of tourist packages is very positive ".