The avenue has become Duran Sanpere, Thursday 18 July, the first stage of the 'open sky MMEU', The second edition of the artistic microaccions 'Magic Moments unique' Cervera Catalan Capital of Culture 2019.L'artista Argentinian Nicolás Romero presented large format mural is painted on a wall 10 meters on Monday 15 July.

Characterized by a style inspired by the surrealist collage, Romero is in the process of creating the work that receives different influences that have made citizens question: "The culture represented in Cervera?”, and walks through the city and suggestions of residents in social networks.

The mural is the result of the population dynamic of the artist, Bostik has been chosen Murals, a creative center, reflection and diffusion of urban art in Barcelona has been the winner of Lluís Carulla 2018 Carulla Foundation, that neck·actively involved in the project.

The activity, beyond just writing mural, also offers pedagogic workshop with the 'We are all muralist. We draw our mural ', to be held today. Tomorrow at 19 hours the artist will talk with the audience and the work formally inaugurated with a concert on Saturday 20 July at 23 hours.

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“MMEU opencast”
From today until Sunday 21 July, Cervera streets are the showcase of new artistic microaccions in seven different locations such as the church of Santo Domingo,Fossar Santa Maria, the bell tower of the Plaza Mayor, Bodega Book of Enchantments, House Solsona, Casa Museu Duran Duran and Avenue Sanpere Sanpere.
During these four days, Cervera will be performances by Ferran Palau, the concert of pianist Clara Peya (recently won a National Award), a concert of bells in the main square or Ethnographic Film, among others.

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