The Conservatory of Music and the Paeria of Cervera organized, Friday 24 May, a new edition of the cultural initiative “The tail door Maria Canals”, who installed·lar a grand piano in Plaça Major, around which educational and musical activities took place.

During the morning, half a thousand students from the three primary schools in Cervera and the Arrel kindergarten attended the performance of”The little Prince”, by the theater company Campi Qui Pugui, Pol Riu - playing the Little Prince- the Saints Riu -on the piano-.
Image of the representation (photo Oliver Adell).
And after the great reception of the theatrical show, the children could play the piano, while explaining to them how this king of instruments worked. An undoubtedly very shocking moment for the little ones who had never been able to play a piano, and in which his face reflected the moment of joy it brought them.
In the afternoon, the rain prevented the Café Concert from being offered and the first auditions moved to the Municipal Auditorium.
all of them so significant to this genre of artistic song, But, it was possible to return to activity in Plaça Major, where the students of the Conservatory and also others from outside will perform their works in repertoire.
Also during the afternoon, and the Conservatory, pianist Yukiko Akagi gave a master class to student Anastasya Mostishko - who is finishing her studies at the center this year- and then a memorable concert, in the main square, with works by Chopin and Rachmaninoff.

Undoubtedly a brilliant way to end the piano day and to impress the young piano students, who were stunned and asking for a photograph with the pianist.

This activity, which this year reaches its tenth edition, looks after the diffusion of music and more specifically the approach of the piano to all of society. That's why a piano is taken out into the street and made available to everyone who wants to come up to it and play it.
One more way to bring the activities carried out at the Conservatory closer to the population of Cervera and which serves to encourage all students. Information provided by Santi Riu (Cervera Conservatory).