At the meeting, held Tuesday 17 Tourist Reception Center (CAT), Data were evaluated and tourist activities this year 2019, dealt with new proposals for tours next year and organized work schedules.

The assessment of the meeting is very positive that the Town Council of Cervera and the Association of Heritage Interpreters were shared his concerns and challenges of tourism in the city. From now on, the two sides have established that these meetings will continue every three months.

Heritage Interpreters Association is an organization of Cervera City, chaired by the historical guide Armand Forcat, responsible for carrying out guided tours, by its associated guidelines.

Cervera offers visitors a total of eight guided tours, for which the year 2018 they received over 200 reserves and was attended by more than 8.000 people. You must add the monuments tours offered on Saturday mornings at the University and in the church of Santa Maria, special itineraries organized by the Department of Tourism throughout the year, Theatrical visits and night visits to the University in the summer. These initiatives brought together a total of 10.120 people in 2018.

Data tourist 2019 will be published during the month of January 2020.

Notably Cervera is establishing itself as one of the main destinations of cultural tourism in Catalonia.