Cervera is ready to host the Emili Pujol Chair again, which takes place from 9 al 19 July, in a very special 40th edition, both for the celebration of the ephemeris and for the adaptation to the pandemic that has had to be made in all organizational issues.


The Chair includes three main axes: Music course, International Festival and Luther Fair.

The International Music Course has 108 students enrolled in the master's degree 9 instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, piano, flute, oboe and clarinet) and has 14 different expert teachers in each specialty. Many of these teachers have exhausted all available places, demonstrating the success of this special edition adapted to Covid-19. The number of students per class and the number of days have been reduced, year, will take place in the classrooms of the Conservatory of Cervera.

The Festival also begins on Friday 9, with a guitar concert by Miquel Hortigüela in the Auditorium. During the event, the performances of the JONC will take place, the Julià Carbonell Orchestra, music course teacher or artist Judit Neddermann.

With the recovery of both the Course and the Festival, this year will also see the prestigious Lutiers Fair, to be held on Sunday 11 July, and will be dedicated to the world of guitar with the best master luthiers of this instrument. The Fair, totally free, will be located in the Municipal Auditorium and will also host workshops and guided tours.

Information and ticket sales at www.catedracervera.cat.

Agreement with the Diputació de Lleida, which will contribute 40.000 euros per year

Tuesday 6 July, the Diputació de Lleida and the organizing body of the Chair, the Association of Friends of Music of Cervera, signed an agreement that involves the contribution by the Provincial Council of 40.000 euros per year for three years (2021, 2022 i 2023). You must remember, that the festival budget is 85.000 euros.

The agreement was formalized in the IEI library by the President of the Provincial Council, Joan Talarn, and the president of the Association, Narcís Saladrigues. Estefania Rufach was also present, vice-president of the Institut d’Estudis ilerdencs, and its director, Joan Josep Ardanuy, in addition to the director of the Chair, Estefania Balcells.