The 12th “Buy and discover Catalonia” campaign has started on June 1, which organizes the Network of Old Quarters with Projects in 33 municipalities of the country, among which Cervera, with the aim of supporting small businesses and promoting local tourism.

During the month of June, people who shop at participating stores, which will be marked with the poster of the twelfth edition, may participate in the prize draw to visit the 33 organizing municipalities. Experiences include guided tours, theatrical visits, dinars, knowledge of the natural environment, tastings, nits d’hotel, participate in local festivals and fairs, among others.

To participate, shoppers will need to fill out a paper form with their personal details to enter the raffle.. This year, as a novelty, a digital ticket is launched, which will help reduce paper consumption and which is expected to increase the participation of younger people. The operation is very simple, as participants only need to fill in a form with their personal details, through the web portal, and attach a photo of the purchase ticket, which will serve to validate the correct participation.

The draw will take place in July 34 experiences for two people (33 for customers and one for merchants) in each of the 33 organizing municipalities, which can be enjoyed until March 2023, according to the date specified by each municipality. Tots the awards, features and dates can be found at Neighborhood Network website.

Cervera will offer a reception to the winners at the Tourist Reception Center, where they will watch the documentary on the Birth of the Generalitat; a guided tour of the city, a lunch for two and a batch of product.

The municipalities participating in the demarcation of Barcelona are: Argentona, Cabrera de Mar, Calaf, Cardona, Centelles, Manresa, Mediona, Having wheel, Sallent, Sant Feliu de Codines, Sant Martí de Tous, San Quentin Mediona, Torelló and Vilanova del Camí; in Girona: Besalú; to that of Lleida: Balaguer, Cervera, Cervià de les Garrigues, the Pont de Suert, Juneda, Borges White, Lleida, Solsona, Torres de Segre and Tremp; and in Tarragona: Vendrell, Falset, la Sénia, Arboç, l’Espluga de Francolí, Montblanc, Santa Coloma de Queralt and Ulldecona. The towns of Pont de Suert, la Sénia and Montblanc are this year’s additions.