The Aquelarre Cervera celebrate the 42nd edition with a perfect combination of tradition and modernity that will unite the magical world of tarot, fire and festive music. The spectacular main event will be played the male bastard again Alea Theater, with artistic direction of Albert Parra.

The success of the festival is supported by the cultural fabric of the city, Ball headed by Devils, who held Cervera Carranquers 25 years-, and musical poster luxury Zoo, Pupil·the, The Dharma of Terrasseta Preixens, among others..

show central

The tarot and its relationship with the world of magic and esotericism, along with the four elements symbolized the poles card game, will be the inspiration of theshow Cervera's Aquelarre 2019. "A cocktail magic, rites and mythological dream world ", as artistic director, Albert Parra, is the essence of a show created especially for the festival. The main event will be a sum of fire, music, theater, adapted spaces and artistic innovations and techniques that every year give a special character to the party.

I, as usual, Aquelarre not make sense without that collective entities Cerverina·working together to make the festival a unique event.

input, Kings fire for 25 years, Ball Devils Cervera Carranquers. The two groups will accompany guests, Colla Vella de Gràcia Devils and Devils Dance Mataro, who will be responsible for making candles, and parades correfocs, and become the true leaders that the night becomes day. The devils burn more 500 pounds of gunpowder with 24.000 forklifts all dancing to the drums drummers.

The magic and originality of the collection lies in Aquelarre·operation of Cervera, organized in groups and associations, intense manifestation of cultural associations that brings together hundreds of volunteers; from giants to percussion bands Bombollers, Sound dry and Band Tokado female group or local group Theater Greppi, plus Alea Theater.

Volunteers working in the party are governed by a single protocol that marks the main event, a show that dramatizes every year and has three acts very defined: Turning first to the University; secondly Ball cock, Invoking the male goats and the drain; and finally, the Foqueral.

Feria del Gran Boc
In the patios of the University day 31 August and 1 September, Esoteric is one of the most important fairs in southern Europe. Offers visitors the best professional advice esotericism, tarot, palmistry and alternative therapies. There are also natural products, local handicrafts and textiles, and a rich gastronomic offer.
Director, Oscar Celeiro, works to promote activities aimed at everyone, especially at families, and provide more offer.

Is from 1998 the parade of children Aquelarre. It was created to provide activities for young and to encourage generational change. For one week workshops are held and tests of fire devils gang children and youth and children's percussion, because children are also the stars of the parade and to show what they have learned. The parade is Saturday, from the 18 h, the University Square of Pius XII to, Astarot received from the Junior and the brilliance of the groups and the final escumada. As the group will be invited Devils Kids Dance Esplugues de Llobregat.

Festival musical
Ten artists from the music scene of the merger and fusion of the Catalan Countries will be the stars of the new poster Aquelarre Festival 2019, committed, specifically feminine and festive; from the power of hip-hop Valencia Zoo and Pupil·the veteran to the sound of Dharma, through a revolutionized and updated overview of Lands headed by Speaker of the Terrasseta Preixens, Course, last Sanco, Her Majesty and Shepherds Rock, in addition to the diversity of DJ sets.

House Summer Male Cabró
Space with spectacular views over Corner must be aimed at those who wish to live entertainment and correfocs from a spectacular and comfort. It is located on a terrace of the former convent of Santo Domingo. It has a bar and have access adapted for people with reduced mobility. It has a capacity of 300 people. tickets (20 euros) can be purchased through the web

Information from the official magazine of the Aquelarre 2019 edited by Enderrock.

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