Everything is ready for the Cervera Emili Pujol Chair

Cervera is ready to host the Emili Pujol Chair again, which takes place from 9 al 19 July, in a very special 40th edition, tant per la celebració de l'efemèride com per l’adaptació a la pandèmia que s’ha hagut de fer en tots els temes organitzatius. DIVENDRES...

Podcast from the Cervera Museum

"Stories of houses, houses with stories" is a series of podcasts that want to claim the house as a space for relationships where objects are so important, that hide and explain facts and feelings, like the people who live in it and lived it ....

Cervera presents the new “Cinema in the Fog” Series

The Departments of Culture and Festivities of the Paeria promote, together with the new cultural association from Cervera Cinema a la Boira, a stable cycle of film sessions, which will combine the projection of hair·films with presentations by professionals from around the world..