Cerverí rider Marc Márquez appeared before media, Wednesday 22 January, in the inauguration of an exhibition of paintings very special, the exhibition that the museum dedicated to the brothers Cervera Márquez.

For a week, Cervera Museum offers a sample of eight paintings by the same pilot who master the technique better: the throttle of a motorcycle. Creativity and artistic side of MotoGP rider joined to create some paintings that celebrate, next to Box Repsol, eight world titles.

Marc Marquez: “When I proposed to Box Repsol paint pictures with Honda thought I was crazy, but then, when I saw all the assembly made, I would be clear that something very pretty. A priori, all seemed very easy, but when I start painting I realized I had to manage the game well from the gas and clutch, which I liked because that would be the most beautiful pictures. Hopefully we can paint the ninth box as soon as possible”.

Information and Image Box Repsol.

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