The Plaza Universitat de Cervera is the image that il·polish the 5,5 millions of coupons sold statewide for Sunday’s raffle 22 d'agost.


The coupon belongs to the Gentilicis series, which is dedicated to cerverins and cerverines, with the emblematic University Square.

The coupon presentation took place on Monday 16 d'agost, in the Plenary Hall of the Paeria, in charge of the Deputy Mayor and Paera in office, Mireia Brandon; Deputy Mayor Ramon Augé; the director of the ONCE agency in Lleida, Marcelino Cid; and the president of the company committee of ONCE Lleida, Josep Massana.

Marcelino Cid, on behalf of ONCE, ha lliurat a la Paeria una imatge emmarcada del cupó dedicat a Cervera i un dossier explicatiu de l’activitat social que ha desenvolupat l’entitat durant la pandèmia.

The paera in chief in functions, Mireia Brandon, thanked him on behalf of the city. He also thanked him “for choosing Cervera for il·polish the coupon ”and for the work of the entity, with a long career, and for the inclusive projects it carries out, of which from the Paeria we feel participants ”.

Cervera, in the ONCE Gentilicis series

With the Gentilicis series, the ONCE takes a tour of some of the most curious names in the state, in a new series in Sunday’s draws. With this series of coupons, the ONCE aims to give visibility to a large number of localities.

The series began on Sunday 1 of November 2020, to be continued, for several months, carrying all over the territory these curious gentiles who, on many occasions, they serve to discover places full of history, culture and beauty. In Catalonia they have been part of this col·lesson the gentilicio of Manresa (Barcelona), the one in Olot (Girona) and so will Reus (Tarragona).

Cervera és la capital de la comarca de la Segarra. La població censada és de 9.440 inhabitants. La ciutat es caracteritza per la riquesa del seu patrimoni cultural i monumental. Un total d’onze monuments del municipi estan catalogats com a Bé Cultural d’Interès Nacional per la Generalitat de Catalunya.

ONCE coupons are marketed by 19.000 selling agents, 2.500 of them in Catalonia, which integrate their sales network. Thanks to the Point of Sale Terminal (TPV) the customer can choose, a l’instant, the number you like best. Besides, can be purchased from the ONCE’s official gaming website ( and authorized establishments.