One of the most prestigious children's choirs in the world, the Choir of Montserrat, sing Cervera, Friday 7 February, after reaching a new tour internacional.ç

The concert, Friday 7 February at 20.30 hours, will open the celebrations of 50 years of the New Children's Choir Cervera.

Before acting Cervera, The choir will be caught a plane to Russia, where he has been invited by the Moscow Patriarchate to make a concert at the Auditorium Dom Musike, as part of a music festival Christmas. This is the same as the festival which was invited in 2013, and that the tenth anniversary heart wanted to invite the "most liked during this time". It will be until Friday 24, and Russia, be forwarded back to Norway, for a couple of days, visit the Choir of the Cathedral of Oslo made in June 2018. In Oslo act jointly in the church of the Holy Trinity.

In the last fifty years, The choir has given concerts 22 countries. What has visited France (12 sometimes), followed by Germany and Italy (8 times each), Belgium (5), Russia (3), Austria (2), United States (2, and once Puerto Rico), Holland (2), Hungary (2), Japan (2), Luxembourg (2), Poland (2), Portugal (2), England (1), Canada (1), Ireland (1), Israel (1), Monaco (1) i Xina (1).

The choir will be at home on 28 January and ten days later will travel to Cervera to offer, the church of Santa Maria, in the context of the events of the Festival of the Holy Mystery, the aforementioned special concert, event will also feature the participation of the group of singers largest Cervera New Children's Choir.

Tickets for the concert are on sale in Cervera through the website and blog of the New Children's Choir Cervera, directly or through the following link.

The ticket prices range from 20 as 17 euros for adults, and 15 as 12 euros for children and young people under eighteen, processing and on-line has no added cost. The day of the concert, Tickets will be sold in person all day in the store Music G Major (pl. Major, 12, Cervera).

Information provided by the Children's Choir New Cervera.