For the second consecutive year, Aquelarre Cervera will be at the Crossroads Festival in Barcelona, which will offer a special fire show and music, Friday 5 July, them 23 hours, After a concert of The Beatles.

It will be a tasting of Aquelarre 2019, with a show posed by Albert Parra, artistic director of the festival Cervera, which will provide fire, live music, giant structures and popular culture. Participating entities stars of the festival: Ball Devils Cervera Carranquers, Band Tokades, Bombollers, Giants Cervera Sound and dry.

This is a promotional action with great impact Aquelarre, Crossing since Barcelona is a major summer music festivals Catalan, over 50.000 viewers.

Last year was the first time I came out of Cervera Aquelarre. The show was a great success with the public and organizing the Crossroads Festival returns this year to bet Aquelarre.

Information in Web Crossing.