On Saturday 31 in August all corners of Cervera will burn in one of the most anticipated popular culture events every summer throughout the country.

in the meantime, l'Aquelarre proposes a visual journey through the history and legend that is being made public through the official profiles of the party on social networks. In these publications, citizens are invited to enter an infernal and perverse universe with prominence for different emblematic spaces of Cervera. These are postcards that pay homage to Santa Anna and Sant Magí squares, the church of Sant Magí, the facade of the University or the Paeria, among other spaces.

Shocking and evocative images, made by Cerver designer Roger Farré, they invite the public to discover the secrets of Cervera and to let themselves be carried away by its legends. The campaign evokes a moment when the city begins an unsettling transformation in which evil spreads and an unsettling warm dry wind arrives that will culminate on the night of 31 d'agost.