The Aquelarre de Cervera, which will take place 26 al 28 d'agost, completes its fire and tradition shows with a powerful musical offer, which includes groups already with a track record and projection (com Balkan Paradise o Gatibu) but which also recovers the spirit of giving voice to young or emerging groups of quality that are making a place in the market.

There will be 8 concentrated concerts in Plaça Major and Cal Racó, techno space in the Wall, dance in Plaça Santa Anna, and an uninterrupted offer of music and activities at the Fossar throughout Saturday and until Sunday morning. Access will be free to all performances.

The musical poster has been chosen by the music working group of the Aquelarre Advisory Council, in which members of almost all the entities represented on the Advisory Board have participated. The aim is to offer a powerful program to provide a stage for quality groups, some of which are making their way into the music industry, most of them coming from Catalonia, but also from the Valencian Country and the Basque Country. It should also be noted that the vast majority of formations that will perform have female components, with the aim of making women visible in the music scene.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, 26 d'agost

In the Main Square:

  • Balkan Paradise Orchestra (Catalonia)- 01.00 h
  • Gatibu (Basque Country)- 03.00 h
  • Dj. Noninà (Catalonia, Cervera)- 04.30 h


Saturday, 27 d'agost

In the Main Square:

  • Titus Pontet (Valencia)- 00.30 h
  • Cat People (Catalonia)- 2.15 h
  • Pink Goats (Catalonia, Cervera)- 4.30 h


In Cal Racó:

  • PD KAT (Catalonia)- 00.30 h
  • The band (Catalonia)- 02.30 h i 04.45 h


On Saturday, the techno space in la Muralla will also be held with the performances of:

  • P.D. Drawer- 00.00h
  • DJ Joe Lee- 02.00 h
  • DJ Ivanet- 04.00 h


There will be dancing in Plaça Santa Anna, them 00.30 with Duo Original Version, and the Fossar will be reopened with the Kimera Reggae Space, with musical performances and other activities from 12 from noon until 6 of the morning.

Here is the link to a video clip of the beer group The Pink Goats, who will perform at this year's Aquelarre, in which you can see his last performance at the prepandemic Aquelarre of 2019: