The Barcelona Gospel Messengers concert, Sunday 9 January at the Gran Teatre de la Passió, gathered 250 viewers, who enjoyed a dynamic and energetic performance by the emblematic musical formation of Barcelona.


The band, directed by Ramon Escalé, counted on 11 singers and different accompanying musicians, which they performed from classics to great pop hits of the latter 40 years. At the end of the concert, everyone was able to sing and dance to the traditional "Oh Happy Day" from their seats.

There was 12 spectators who enjoyed the concert for free, as they won one of the 6 double tickets in the draw that the Paeria de Cervera convened through social media.

The performance of BCN Gospel Messengers has been the second function of the 24th Cycle "Passionate", the performing arts and music program organized by the Department of Culture and which includes seven shows between November 2021 and May 2022.


24è “Apassiona’t” theater and music series

The Cycle includes six functions of professional theater and, as a novelty, a musical show.

All theatrical performances are by professional companies and by renowned actresses and actors, among which the brewer Ferran Orobitg, that will bring to the Cycle its creation “Fragile”, a show based on his personal experience.

The shows can be seen at the Gran Teatre de la Passió (6 functions) and at the Casal Theater (1), respecting the health protocols in force at any given time.

According to the Councilor for Culture, Mercè Carulla, “The Cycle presents a varied and very high level programming, which deals with current and transcendent issues of our society, with the aim of reaching all types of audiences. ”


Upcoming functions

Fish life… without thorns!

With a direct and natural language, ironic and funny, two women, Marcia and Lucia, they talk in a waiting room for any consultation. These conversations, which are apparently to pass the time, they drift towards more complex situations. They are surreal conversations and, sometimes, real as life itself: the life of La Marcia i la Llúcia.

authorship: Mercè Comes and Rosa Andreu.
Direction: Mercè Comes.
Performers: Mercè Comes and Rosa Andreu Duration: 90 minutes.
Sunday 6 February.


It is a story based on personal experience told as a metaphor for the experience of many people who have experienced cancer up close., either in person or through a family member or friend, and those who will have it in the future… A paradoxical and strange story about the fragility of the human condition. A poetic passage, metaphorical, mythological, through the narrative and representation of two worlds: the outside world ( the body, the visible, the disease…) and the inner world (the struggle for balance and survival…).

Authorship and performer: Ferran Orobitg.
duration: 60 minutes.
Sunday 20 February.

53 Sunday

Three brothers have stayed for dinner and to talk about their father. The man is old and there are those who think that he cannot continue living alone. It is often lost, he forgets about things and lately has gotten into the bad habit of showing his penis to his neighbor. What was supposed to be a pleasant evening between siblings becomes an endless discussion over three weeks, until…

Direction and authorship: Cesc Gay.
Performers: Pere Arquillué, Cristina Plazas, Àgata Roca and Lluís Villanueva.
duration: 90 minutes.
Sunday 6 March.



The victor, Alba and Arnau, three brothers from Barcelona, they meet to decide what to do with an unusual inheritance. But they soon realize that what seemed like a gift from heaven can turn their reality upside down. Clinging to lives that do not satisfy them, they will face a decision that will test their sibling relationship. In the end, who is willing to give up anything for a flock of sheep? ‘Sheep’ reflects, in humor, about the frustration of a crisis-stricken generation. How to deal with disappointment and the constant need to reinvent ourselves. Because, really, to want is to be able?

Dramaturgy and direction: Carmen Marfà and Yago Alonso.
Performers: Sara Espígul, Biel Duran and Albert Triola.
duration: 75 minutes.
Sunday 3 d'abril.


The Marc, a trans man from 42 eight-month pregnant years, up to the gynecology consultation, where he has to hold the inquisitive gaze of the rest of the patients. This trigger will make Marc invite us to know his story, returning to be that girl whom they called "marimacho", that teenager who felt watched and hated her breasts. He will go through the moment again when he discovered what his real identity was and we will see him struggling with himself to accept himself., at the same time he will have to deal with the distancing of a father who does not understand him.

Direction: Núria Florensa and Raül Tortosa.
Interpreter: Isidre Montserrat.
duration: 70 minutes.
Sunday 15 May.