The magazine of the Patronat de Turisme of the Diputació de Lleida reaches its number 50, with a publication that dedicates an extensive report to the region of the Segarra.

With the title “Romans, Witches and Castles ”, the report takes a tour of the main tourist attractions of the twenty-one municipalities of Segarra, passing by castles and fortresses, the Roman past of Guissona, the historical potential of the University of Cervera, dry stone constructions or festivities, with special mention in the Aquelarre.

The magazine also does not forget emblematic personalities of the region such as the interpreter of heritage Armand Forcat, than to his 90 years has brought the Segarra heritage closer to thousands of visitors; or the Márquez brothers, benchmarks in the international panorama of motorcycling.

Segarra's gastronomy also has a prominent place in this article in the magazine Ara Lleida, which is defined as “a classic inland gastronomy, forceful and based on local products, of livestock and cereal tradition ”. The collection cakes stand out, the panadons or the tupina.

Finally, the magazine also reviews the museum spaces of La Segarra and the hiking and mountain biking routes, highlighting the long sports offer offered by the region.

You can access publication via this link.

Information provided by the Press Service of the Segarra County Council