The current situation of the pandemic modifies the Puro Procession in Cervera, which is moved to the cemetery, where a static rally will take place on Sunday 21 February, them 12.30 hours.

Before the event begins, the Bell Ringers of Cervera will ring bells, 48 battalions to remember the 48 people killed in the battle of 16 of February of 1875.
As every year, cigars will be distributed to attendees and a local entity will read the manifesto, this year the Nova Cervera Children's Choir, that he 2020 they have celebrated their 50th anniversary.
This year a musical audition is also planned by two students from the Cervera Conservatory: Queralt Solé, clarinet, and Aran Sala, accordion.

Fins a l’any 1936, he 16 in February in Cervera was celebrated what was popularly called the Procession of the Pure. A secular procession with an itinerary that went from the Town Hall to the cemetery, and in which some men went there with the pure lit., unlike religious processions.

The Procession of the Pure was recovered for the brewery festive calendar, becoming a walk and a space for social gatherings, and dedicated to all the people who have suffered, they suffer and will suffer.
This year, due to the pandemic, the procession will not make its usual route and the event is concentrated in the cemetery.

Procession of the Pure

This procession was in memory of the third Carlist war that took place in Spain during the 19th century, where a side, that of the Carlists - of the pretender Charles VII -, they tried to conquer Cervera, occupied by the forces of the other, that of the government of Alfonso XII, your liberal. The attack took place in the morning of 16 February of the year 1875 and the fierce struggle lasted most of the day. The battle ended with a balance of 48 dead i 260 wounded between sides. The names of the streets Burgos, Soria, Combat and Victory, they still remember that fact. At the end of the war, a monument was erected in the middle of the cemetery, in memory of all who had lost their lives, in the spirit of forgetting old hatreds and old differences. The bell towers, every year, the day of the battle, they performed 48 repicons, remembering all the men who had lost their lives.