Passion Medieval Cervera presents new image for editing in 2020, starring actor Peter Martin, who plays the character biggest rabbis, the high priest of the Sanhedrin, Hannah, Cayfàs which went along with the conspiracy against Jesus and later the persecution of his disciples.

The creator of the poster are Xavier Cervera and Joan Miret Porredon, since the first edition of the Passion Medieval responsible for putting the sign face under the technical co·Lodi wet or ferrotypes, a process that began in mid-nineteenth century.
But beyond the face, the poster tells us much. It works on three axes: The space, the floor of the church of Santa Maria drawn; el text original, this time the priest Annas; and emotion that the work provokes the viewer so that living as the actor who represents.

Tickets to attend the show can be booked through the website of passion

International Congress of medieval passions

This year the Passion Medieval Cervera will act the same·allele very important, and that the international conference of the research group Lair (Literature, Art and Representation in the long Middle Ages) Cervera will stop attending the performance and make a panel discussion with the artistic team of the Passion Medieval together experts in medieval theater and passions come from prestigious universities in various parts of Europe, as the Catholic University of Milan, tickets, Portugal, Corsica, Alicante, among others.
The Congress is organized by the University Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona professor of history and expert on medieval theater in front Francesc Massip, and with the support of the Study Center and Museum Segarra Cervera.

Massip has been one collective·Passion contributor Medieval Cervera invited to attend the Passion Medieval personalities historians and medievalists, including the philologist Peter Navarro, has done a transcription of the original spoken language Passion, reviewing rhyming text and correct pronunciation.
This work will be, too, published by Obrador Edèndum Santa Coloma.
Massip and Navarro's work is a clear example that the recovery of historical Medieval Passion of Cervera did not end with the premiere of the staging in 2016. The rebuilding process continues over time, the contributions of the faithful experienced hands to work and polish this medieval play more than a theater performance becomes a unique experience for the viewer.