The Economic Promotion Area, Tourism, Culture and Festivals has worked on an annual calendar that aims to collect all the cultural and festive activities of Cervera, which will be published in a bimonthly agenda, which bears the name “La Traça”, from this May.

"La Traça" is created with the same essence for which the Festival was born: schedule activities on the streets of Cervera to generate cultural and festive activities, so necessary always, but especially in the times we are living in and, while, promote the brewing trade.

According to the Councilor for Festivities, Mireia Brandon, “We didn’t want to call it by the typical name ofcultural agenda, as it is called in many places, but we wanted to give him personality and soul. That's why we named it The Trace, cultural and festive activities in Cervera”.

The Councilor for Economic Promotion, Tourism and Culture, Mercè Carulla, emphasizes that “one of the bets of the Government Team is to work by areas, task we are taking on with great conviction, such as the publication of this joint agenda ".

Why the name "La Traça"?
After a process of reflection and name proposals between the two councilors and the technicians of the area, this name was chosen for several reasons: “A feminine word, we like the sound it has; contained the Ç, spelling in which the Catalan language is identified; and by the different meanings that the word has: way forward, signal that leaves someone or something where it has happened, and the ability to do something. All in all, conceptually fits with what we want to do ", according to councilors Mireia Brandon and Mercè Carulla.

Where you can consult the agenda?
There will be an initial run of 1.000 copies in paper format, which can be picked up on the ground floor of the Paeria, to the library, at the Tourist Reception Center and the Museum.
It will also be published on the municipal website and social networks.

What you will find there?
The agenda includes a total of 34 activities organized by the Paeria and local associations or entities. It coincides with the resumption of the cultural sector and the end of county confinement, so the presence of more public in Cervera is expected.