Marc Márquez i Álex Márquez, Moto GP world champions and Moto 2, respectively, have been received in an institutional event at the Plenary Hall of the Town Council, Friday 8 of November.

The event was chaired by the chief paer, Ramon Augé; Secretary General of Sports of the Government, Gerard Figueras; and the chairman of the council of Lleida, Joan Talarn. He has also attended the regional representative of Sport in Lleida, Joan Segura; the directors of the Cultural Services, Michelangelo Cullerés, and Business, Ramon Alturo; Mrs Rosa M. Perello; councilors of municipal councils; Segarra county councilors; Marc Márquez family and representatives of their Fan Club.

The chief Cervera paer, Ramon Augé, Marquez congratulated brothers. Stressed "talent" and thanked "that put the city on the world map": "Cervera is known worldwide for sporting success Marquez brothers".

The Secretary General of Sports of the Government, Gerard Figueras, stressed that "Catalonia, despite being a small country, achieves major milestones sport ". Stressed "cunning Marc Márquez, it becomes normal practice is exceptional, Álex Márquez and consistency, has also achieved outstanding success ".

Joan Talarn, President of the Province of Lleida, said "Marquez brothers are a benchmark for everyone, in addition to sporting success, their values, effort and tenacity ".

The pilot Alex Marquez, Moto2 World Champion, devoted "his achievements in all Cervera, which appreciates Cervera feel at home whenever you come. "

For his part, Marc Márquez, MotoGP World Champion, said "has become more and·Alex's championship hope that his ". He thanked his trainer, Genis Cuadros, the Fan Club and the Town Council of Cervera.

After the protocol ceremony·run, signed the book of honor of the Town Council and received a gift in the hands of any paer, Ramon Augé.