Cervera modernizes its online portal cervera.cat and opens a new channel of communication and citizen participation, a mobile application that allows you to check municipal news and report incidents directly.

The chief paer, Jan Pomés, presented Cervera's new website and APP in an event that took place, Monday 17 June, in the Sala de Quadres de la Paeria.

He emphasized that "we want to achieve an increasingly fluid dialogue between the Paeria and the citizens". With the new application and the website "one more step is taken to increase transparency and citizen participation".

Municipal online portal cervera.cat

It is the main digital resource for citizens and visitors interested in discovering the services, the initiatives and activities offered by the Paeria de Cervera and other bodies and organizations. The website acts as a window into municipal life, providing access to a wide catalog of information related to administration and cultural resources, educational, sports and economic.

The new portal represents a big step forward, incorporating an advanced technical system, new design lines and a completely renewed content structure.

One of the notable improvements is the division of information into ten large blocks called areas, which allow users to navigate more intuitively and efficiently. This new organization facilitates access to specific data and resources, improving usability and overall experience.

The website incorporates interactive and dynamic elements that enrich the experience of visitors. For example, the homepage cover varies according to the live weather in the city, offering a more personalized and attractive experience.

For the first time, the aggregate towns (Castellnou d'Oluges, at Cardosa, the Pregnant, Despite and Embarrassed) they have their own pages within the portal. These sections include news and events specific to each town, improving visibility and communication with its inhabitants.

The new portal also stands out for the improvements in security and performance compared to previous versions. These improvements ensure more stability and resilience, ensuring that the website is always operational and protected against possible threats.

It has been developed and designed by New Spirit Studio, study specialized in web pages, applications, interactive, animations and Motion Graphics. At the helm are Roger Bach and Cerverín Marc Celeiro.

Cervera mobile application

The new APP brings municipal news closer to the public and opens a new channel of communication and participation.
Allows you to consult in a simple way, fast and intuitive all the municipal current affairs and Cervera's agenda of activities, addresses of interest, public transport, tourism and incident notices.
Regarding the notices, it should be noted that it offers the possibility of communicating incidents in a personalized way to the affected streets.

It is also a direct channel for any citizen to report an incident or make suggestions to the Paeria, through photographs and geolocation. Incidents are sent directly to the corresponding municipal department in order to be resolved and will be informed once they have been resolved.

The application can be downloaded for free for both Android and Apple systems. You only need to access Android's Google Play or Apple's App Store, search in the search engine "Cervera", download the app and register through a simple validation process.

It has been developed by WeTown.