La Cerverina d’Art, gallery of the main street of Cervera that the 2020 complied 25 years, is the winner of the tenth edition of the Sikarra Prize, organized every year by the Jordi Cases i Llebot Foundation and the Espitllera Fòrum d’Estudis Segarrencs.

Promoters of the La Cerverina d’Art gallery.

This is a family project promoted by Pilar Porredon and Yago Serrano, and that it has become vital to the historic center. It has meant the recovery of the gallery building, an old modernist barber shop, and also stands out for its demands in the remodeling of the public road.
La Cerverina has organized a hundred exhibitions, which artists such as Akihito Asano have brought to the capital of La Segarra, Antoni Tàpies, Bigas Luna and Albert Ràfols-Casamada, others.

This award pays tribute to people and organizations that contribute to the dissemination, the study or projection of the Segarra. It was born after the organizing entities bought the Sikarra currency ten years ago. It dates from the 3rd century BC and explains that the place name Segarra dates back to this period.

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Cervera, 19 of March of 2021.