A mobile stage, with the music of a DJ, will roam the streets of Cervera to offer a safe party, organized by the Department of Economic Promotion so that it can be enjoyed from the terraces of restaurants.

Route: of. One thousand·lenari Catalunya, of. Agramunt, c. victory, c. Guinedilda, pl. University, pl. Sant Miquel, c. Santa Anna, pl. Santa Anna, c. Major, pl. Major, c. Major, pl. Santa Anna, Rambla Lluís Sanpere, pl. Paul 12, pg. Balmes, of. pare claret, of. Catalonia, c. Freedom, not basement, c. Old Camí de Castellnou-pl. Trade union, pl. Parliament of Catalonia, of. Francesc Macia (versatile direction), of. Guissona, of. One thousand·lenari Catalunya, c. Santa Coloma.

Schedule: from 20.30 a 22.30 h