The elements of popular and traditional culture of Cervera have returned to the streets this weekend, after more than a year, on the occasion of the Festa de la Colla del Ball de Diables de Cervera and the Corpus Christi festival.


Both parties were held with all Covid-19 prevention measures, prior reservation and capacity limitations, in a single space, the square of Cal Racó, which was filled with 350 people every day.

The Devils of Cervera Carranquers celebrated the Festa de la Colla, on Saturday 5 June: with the Devil's Dance, the Children's Devil's Dance, the dances of the Tarasca and Lo Carranco Bilandó and the Spoken Dance.

Cervera's festive entourage took to the streets again for the Corpus Christi Festival, Sunday 6 June.
The drummer took part, the Bombollers and the Tibau Deer, the Gypsy Dance, the Colla Sardanista Jovencells, the Giants, the Tarasca, the Dance of Swords, the Eagle and Lo Carranco Bilandó.
The traditional parade of festive elements was not held, but they were able to shine in front of the public in a static performance in Cal Racó.