The Municipal Auditorium has hosted, Thursday 12 May, the presentation press conference of the fourth edition of the FEST Speaker, the Ponent Social and Transforming Economy Fair, to be held on Saturday 28 May at the University of Cervera.


The presentation was attended by the head of Cervera, Joan Santacana; the head of the Labor Relations Service in Lleida, Lluïsa Prat; and the coordinator of the Ateneu Cooperatiu Ponent Coopera, Marcel Vidal.

In this fourth edition of the Ponent FEST, normalcy is restored and the sample of
projects and entities of the Social Economy. The University of Cervera will host more than thirty
of projects, between cooperatives, foundations and organizations working in the field of social economy
and cooperativism, among them some new cooperatives that have been born in the last year in the territory
with the advice of the Ponent Coopera cooperative athenaeum.

The chief paer, Joan Santacana, thanked Ponent Coopera for its confidence in the city of Cervera
to hold such a fair, "From the Paeria there is a firm commitment to the Social Economy
and Solidarity and we are sure that it will be a point of reference for new projects "said Santacana.
In this way, Lluïsa Prat also added that “the cooperative athenaeum is working very hard for
make the social and solidarity economy visible in the West and we are confident that the Fair will once again be one

Organizers advocate holding this event as a way to promote
all these initiatives of Ponent and to make known its products and services to the citizenship.
It also wants to promote knowledge and cabbage·collaboration between companies and entities that work
with ethical and solidarity criteria.
Among the more than 30 exhibitors will be housing projects, food, oci, education, communication, technology, services to people and companies, finance and ethical insurance and training and education; with the desire to make visible through the Social and Solidarity Economy the products and services necessary to cover the needs of our daily lives.

The theme of this year's fair is the climate emergency and how to deal with it
the Social and Solidarity Economy, from five central themes such as: food, consumption, he
work-leisure, energy-industry and housing-care-community.

As a novelty this year, the content part of the IV Speaker FEST will be structured in
from what have been called RUESS. A series of streets where rotating projects will be made visible
around the central themes of the fair and which can respond to the challenge of the emergency
climate. They want to bring the different reflections and proposals in an agile and direct way to the
public attending the fair.

The RUESSs will start with a basic presentation where the general framework of each parade will be followed
visit the stand of those entities that can serve as an example in their daily lives. The STREET
that will backbone, so, the content of the FEST Speaker will be: Rua de la Sobirania Alimentaria
with a presentation by Gustavo Duch, coordinator of the Food Sovereignty magazine. Street of the
Cultural Sovereignty with a presentation by Natalia Virgili, member of the Kult Cooperative. Street of the
Community Sovereignty with a presentation by Ricard Grau, member of the architects ’cooperative La
boqueria Workshop. Rua de la Sobirania Energética with a talk by Javi Hernández, president of
the Vilanova energy community.

The fairgrounds will occupy the main courtyard of the University of Cervera. The goal is to accomplish
the Fair in a space as emblematic as the University of Cervera, is to seize the opportunity to
to raise awareness of the Social and Solidarity Economy, surrounded by one of the most representative heritages
from the Segarra region, in addition to enhancing the promotion of this valuable element
heritage through the celebration of the Fair in its facilities·lations.

The 4th edition of the Ponent FEST is organized by the Ateneu Cooperatiu Ponent Coopera i
co-organized by the Diputació de Lleida and the Paeria de Cervera, with the help·collaboration of the
Solidarity Economy Network of Catalonia (XES).

Information and image provided by Ponent Coopera.