Cervera Capital of Catalan Culture 2019 multiplies and diversifies events this week, in which the activities are framed in the context of the Festival of the Holy Christ.

Shares begin Thursday 19 de setembre a la Farinera amb la inauguració de la mostra 'Near Hollywood', en la qual es ret un homenatge als germans cerverins Frederic Gomez and Claudio Grau, photographers who portray Hollywood years 50 del segle XX. With his camera, Gomez made the most of Grau 6.000 snapshots with participants shooting and so·chandeliers with Ava Gardner, Charlton Heston, Sophia Loren o Rita Hayworth.

From Friday 20, Cervera s’omplirà de narradors i especialistes en the art of storytelling. They are the protagonists of 'Segamots', la darrera pota d’un projecte que es va iniciar amb ‘Contes a la Catxipanda’ i va seguir amb ‘Magatzem de moments’. This time, and in the framework of the Festival, three narrators (Tania Múñoz, Naomi Caballer i Martha Escudero) will kick off the event at 20.30 hours in the main square. Throughout the weekend there will be performances in emblematic places.

The new Giant Black
XXXVIII Meeting of Giants Cervera will recuperar i batejar el gegant negre, a figure that was part of the last couple of the Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit. With the disappearance of the organization, those left out. The last time was 1920. now, almost a century later, the old giant black, which has been rebuilt with traditional techniques, tornar part of the courtship dance festival of Santo Cristo de Cervera.

Useful information:

Opening of the exhibition 'Around Hollywood'
Thursday 19 in September 19.00 hours
Exhibition open from 19 September to 24 November

Festival Segamots 2019
Friday 20 to Monday 23 September
several spaces
Home: Friday 20 in September 20.30 hours in the main square
Link to program.

Premiere of the new Giant and baptism Black
Saturday 21 in September 17.40 hours
Courtyards of the University of Cervera